Show us your slowest Horse.

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  1. We all have that one horse that's slower than the rest. But just how slow can they go?
    Screenshot your stable slots showing your slowpoke.
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  2. Funny thing, I used to have a 49.27 speed horse named slowpoke, but I lost him due to a glitch. He never returned home like he was suppose to.
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  3. Oh, lol, sorry to hear that. I just found this guy deep in the wild. Haven't given him a name yet. Mind if I use Slowpoke?
  4. your acting like i copyrighted/trademarked it (not sure which one) so i don't care
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  5. I don't have a picture but I have a 68% speed.
  6. Bump.........Who has the slowest horse? What is the lowest speed a horse can have?
  7. My slowest horse is a 127. The thing is, though... I only have one horse.
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  8. I bred a 49 before I stopped trying to breed slow horses. (Beat that, Fate! :p)
  9. I leashed my horse and got it to follow me so that I can take a picture to show you guys, but so far it hasn't reached the yard yet. I'll share a pic as soon as it arrives :D
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  10. It appears the slowest of many 50 range horses I have is only 50.19 Speed with 54.57 Jump and 24 HP. I am sure my daughter has a much slower horse though and will refer her to this thread :)

    It is rather funny that you can out-walk these "slowpokes" as mentioned above.
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  11. I just got a slow one out by the border in the wastelands.
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  12. Lol. Good thread. If I were a minecraft horse, I'd be here.
  13. The slowest I have atm is a 49%...not the slowest in the world but still pretty slow. ;)
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  14. Wow
    I thought 72 was slow o3o
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  15. I once had a horse that was 43.5 or something. I lost it when it accidentally fell of a cliff in Wastlelands. His name was Dust Eater.
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  16. Let us resurrect this slow post.

    Well the other day in chat i saw two players talking about slow horses. I thought hay, I know a thread to share this knowledge upon.

    So once again share your slowpoke.
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  17. Bump. This topic is still in style.
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  18. Uh, well I guess I have a 47 now

    edit: For those interested, the 47 may be for sale. PM me about it
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  19. Good.
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  20. This thread again.. My slowest horse is like 100 lol.
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