Show us yer Gold Farm

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  1. (excuse me if this thread has been done - i haven't been here long and couldn't find one)

    Love to look at other farm designs...if you have a Gold Farm post some pics here

    i'll start with a couple of mine:

    I showed you mine... let's see yours
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  2. What an interesting strategy of putting your gold farm next to your guardians... I wonder if anyone else has thought of that :p
  3. great minds... ;)
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  5. ...what 200 pigmen looks like
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  6. This is our pretty one, that also doubles as our spawn portal:

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  7. This is my SC of Obsidian Gold farm, I wanted to make it similar to an xp grinder and see what was possible with just an SC. It's not amazing, but you can afk while pigs gather.

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  8. This is my gold farm here. It is built entirely underground so it is not visible on the live map.

    This is the killing chamber for my farm.
  9. nice! but you must have have some more pics of it?

  10. Perfect timing...

    Marlix is friendly when you have the difficulty on 1.

    I know, it could be more efficient. If I'm ever active on the Empire again, I plan to make a more efficient version.
  11. Do you make your money back on gold farms quickly?
  12. Anyone mind Sharing their spawn rates? I'll post pictures of my old one later tonight b
  13. I am trying to build a gold farm at the moment, I don't think it will be a good result If anyone has some tips I would like to hear them.
  14. It costs a lot of money, and takes a lot of time. But if you put your mind to something, and do it everyday for a good 2 years, eventually you will.

    PM me with pictures, I have experience with these.
  15. Looking at designs of others will help as more ppl put theirs up...

    Here's a top-down view of mine - i started with this tutorial on you-tube:

    just changed the collection/killing methods

    you could probably even copy this - the beginning cube is 23x23 - then you just expand to yer heart's content
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  16. heh definitely not 2 years

    i mined my obby so not really expensive here - took like 1.5 DC's for what i have so far...and will prob stop the build here because already a pita to deal with all the drops

    and don't forget - with all the rotten flesh you'll be rolling in emeralds with a few clerics
  17. that screenshot above of the 200 pigmen takes about 15 min to gather
  18. Gold per hour?
  19. I can help with Gold farms on a budget. This is my latest, it's super simple and gives the same amount of xp as a skeleton spawner. I think it takes about an SC or less of obsidian, no rails, no redstone and 1 bucket of water ;) It's made for a voters sword, but I'm sure you could add a crusher to it if you wanted.

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