Gold farming the right way

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  1. Hi all, many of you have seen me buying lots of obsidian in the past 3 months and everytime you asked what I was doing with it. I usually responded "just building a gold farm".

    And after many month of work through teraforming and building with close to 12DC of Obsidian, 9DC of glass, 18DC of Iron Ingots and many other items. I have completed my gold farm. 1 to rule them all. At full output the farm makes 1 stacks of gold nuggets every 30-45secs, from a total of 685 Portals. I also complemented the farm with 4 iron cells around it to get a bit of iron as a bonus.

    Comment, like and subscribe... Video to follow in the comming weeks.

    EDIT: This is a private Gold Farm, It will not be released to the public ever. I am just sharing my build for you to see.

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  3. where is the gold farm?
  4. Probably should've kept it to yourself then. Now you'll have gold-hungry looters hunting the livemap looking for your farm. :confused:
  5. Then they will face judgement if they are caught ;)
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  6. They might face an army of angry pigmen instead ;)
  7. Dang that thing looks nice.
  8. judgement for what? you know better then most that people are allowed to be anywhere. long as they dont break anything they arent going anything wrong. although there are far more efficient gold farms out there.
  9. I am geniunely curious as to what would be "better" than an overworld gold farm. My thoughts are, a gold farm built in the nether?
  10. precisely, more spawning capability
  11. true, doesn't it require a lot of mob proofing too, though? we can't use the top of the nether bedrock anyway.
  12. Fantastic build! Kudos!

    Quick question, how many blocks do the pigmen fall?
  13. it requires the same amount of mob proofing that this build would underground, and takes up less materials (obby isnt rlly cheap now is it?
  14. Im guessing this is why I cannot find obsidian to buy anywhere?
  15. Love it! Go big or go home. I may display my masterpiece when completed as well.

    Thanks for the share :)
  16. Mines getting close!! It's that big, I am just stacking the portals in 5 rows.
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  17. Wow, I can't imagine having to take the time to build that. Awesome build!
  18. Great job! I have a pretty good gold farm that also doubles as a better xp farm than endertopia, and it's only half finished ;)
  19. nice i also have a pigman based xp farm somewhere else, 30 level in 4mins those are pretty good
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  20. Your riches amaze me.
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