Gold farming the right way

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  1. *starts searching all of the live maps*

    1 day later....

    Wuahhhhahahaha!!!! I finally found it, at last!!!!:p

    EDIT: So what server is this on? :rolleyes:
  2. Wow that's amazeballs
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  3. Just wondering, could you give a tutorial on how to make on of them?
  4. Here is what Skare said in his post. SkareCboi: "And after many month of work through teraforming and building with close to 12DC of Obsidian, 9DC of glass, 18DC of Iron Ingots and many other items. I have completed my gold farm. 1 to rule them all. At full output the farm makes 1 stacks of gold nuggets every 30-45secs, from a total of 685 Portals. I also complemented the farm with 4 iron cells around it to get a bit of iron as a bonus.

    Comment, like and subscribe... Video to follow in the comming weeks."
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  5. May I ask the size? :p
  6. true in most cases. But im pretty sure if yuo are the owner of a registered outpost, you can make people leave your outpost (and if you have farms there they would be leaving your farms)
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  7. you would have to prove they are harrassing you (by getting in the way of work or something) if they are just afk standing in the collection area theres not much you can do
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  8. change the direction of the water trololo
    or make a floor of hoppers into a locked chest
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  9. well i meant to get them to leave the area, obviously you can water push them into a 1x2 hole
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  10. Wow. You made my gold farm look like nothing.
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  11. Only question - what do you mean obsidian is expensive? Got loads of that stuff collecting dust. As for the farm, I am trying to figure out how far my rail would stretch if I quit being lazy and built mine bigger. Also, would compress them into dropping into 4 or 5 locations and then use powered rail to move the loot to a central sorter.
  12. Well, technically, they won't face any judgement as long as they don't grief it. ;)
    Any farm is deemed public. This doesn't mean you need to give away locations, but it does mean you aren't allowed to deny anyone the right to use your farm.
    ... The wood that went into that...
    The OBSIDIAN that went into that...

    Reveal to me your secret obsidian farming techniques!
  13. Wow! That looks so big. You must produce like 1000 gold nuggets an hour. :) :D
  14. I will check SMP1,3,5,7,9. You check SMP2,4,6,8

    We WILL find this!
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  15. because its definitely not on utopia :p
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  16. No.

    Oh snap! *Whispers to Sky: I think he knows where its at!!!!?!?!??!?*.... or he's just pointing out the obvious:rolleyes::D
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  17. My smaller gold farm 600 pigmen/hour gets vandalized regularly 5 bans in the last 2 weeks on it. I dunno about advertising, unless you like fixing things, over and over.
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  18. in your imagination
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  19. I have a gold farm, too! High five :D
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