Gold farming the right way

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  1. I also have a gold farm. It's a little slow, but it still works.
    Gold Farm.png
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  2. How do you keep all areas loaded?
  3. Well with the new promo, all gold farms are nothing. :p
  4. Not true at all. even if you have a full stack of the cauldrons, and assumed they would give you a stack of nuggets per day, which they wont, that is still only 64 stacks of nuggets per day. A good gold farm can do 5 times that much, without having to physically do anything other than afk. I doubt this promo will have any impact on the gold market, and I will still be afking at my gold farm:p
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  5. Fantastic job Skare!!!!:)
  6. Just wondering what smp is it on? In not tryna stalk it lol
  7. Do you have a tutorial for that :p
  8. He's obviously not going to give the location away since he has already said, (It's a Private Gold Farm), So Everyone, Please stop asking. :D
  9. Ask MrUnknownian.
  10. One question, what happens when EMC turns to 1.8 and pigmen no longer drop gold unless you manually kill them? Our tiny 23x23 gold farm pushes them into a "kill box" so we get exp and drops. BTW ours is under the ocean...
  11. Mine has it so that they die by potions, so looting 3 can be used, and so that I actually get xp from it.
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  12. Push them all to the center with water. Funnel that into a drop location, let them stack (granted with his - there should be no waiting), then drop a tnt block in. Or let them fall 31 blocks and hit them with anything.
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  13. kk
  14. I was directing my question at SkareCboi, their design has the pigmen dying on slabs, under that huge spawner. I was curious if they had thought about the 1.8 change. Our pigmen drop into water, then we funnel them into a water elevator where we drop them to take some damage. But ours is tiny, SkareCboi's is HUGE! We also designed it with 1.8 in mind.
  15. 1.8 made it OP.
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  17. Yeah, no biggie. Gettin' all this tax free gold here :p
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