Should The wild be reset in 1.3?

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Should the wild be reset in 1.3?

Yes 6 vote(s) 46.2%
No 7 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. really wanna see what people think about this :)
  2. There's been loads of threads about this I personally don't want it to be reset but it would be anyway.
  3. really? i really want it to be reset so there is more stuff to mine and its so griefed aswell :/
  4. Not sure why it would have to be.
  5. New temples, pyramids, Bigger Biomes, New Ore and many other things not listed.
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  6. It shouldn't be reset, even if it was it should have a 5 week period to clear bases, get ores and destroy buildings. It shouldn't be reset because people have bases with stacks of diamonds in chests (I do) and mob spawners. Please no reset. Thanks for your time, -harry_12850-
  7. yer, i suppose, but everyone has read these forums and stuff so you think people would start going to their bases in the wild and taking to ther res..... i want it reset :D
  8. We need it reset Take a look at smp3's Wild! its all lava!
  9. yer, another reason: the wild is so griefed!