Does 1.3 wild reset also mean nether reset?

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  1. As the topic title asks, if we reset the wild do we HAVE to reset the nether?
  2. If we go this route of a reset (not saying we are or aren't, nothing is for sure yet), the Nether could use a reset, to be honest. Since a few updates ago, there's been some bug that's made the Nether really laggy for a lot of people. We've heard a few things that it might be related to a lighting bug, but I'm not 100% on that.
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  3. I can back up the idea that its due to lighting... as if you run MC from a console, the console window spams something about lighting constantly while in the nether....

    Heh, im for reseting nether but not wild! lol...
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  4. Well if the reset is to make the servers better, it makes sense to do it. Thanks for answering.
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  5. I just made my new blaze spawn. -_- It's currently bugged... now this... FML there goes so much resources and time...
  6. I can confirm lag in nether. I ventured there to wart farm the other day and it was bad. But once I was in an enclosed room, without the random fires, the lag ceased almost entirely. perhaps it's a mix of entity tracking mixed with lighting that is causing spasticity in the Nether.
  7. It might have to do a little with the fact that there's so much lava and fire...
    I use optifine to turn fire and lava animation off, that makes it a little more bearable.
  8. i can't even THINK of going to the nether, i can't even move out of the 4x4 block area of spawn >.< nether is extremely extremely laggy for me..... -.- i *!&*&^^ hate lag!
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