World Reset For 1.3

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Should There Be A Reset? Maybe Have A Comp For Best Spawn!

Yes For Reset And Yes For Comp! 14 vote(s) 18.2%
Yes For Reset And No For Comp! 18 vote(s) 23.4%
No For Reset And No For Comp 45 vote(s) 58.4%
  1. Should The World Be Reset For

    Jungle Temples And Pyramids?


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  2. i dont like teh wild being reset but its gonna happen anyway.
  3. also large bioms!
  4. I'm never gonna find my grinder again. :( :(
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  5. anyone have any idea when the update comes out?????????
  6. soon
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  7. make a new one in a temple that wold be cool looking
  8. how soon? with in the week? next week? next month? next year?
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  9. oh yeah before it said the end of june
  10. Have you even tried a large biome? It's a lot harder to find the rarer ores. It only stretches the map and throws in a bit more coal and iron.

    The temples are rare its not like every biome is going to have them. Only a few people will get one at the spawns, and I'm sure a few people are going to get more than a few temples. I don't see why everyone's builds should be reset for a few peoples benifit. As for the emeralds they are beyond rare and only in extreame hills a rare biome... the reset may only spawn a few thousand emerald in the spawn area. Again I'm sure they would all be mined by the same few people and again not benifit everyone.

    The reset would only benifit a few people. I feel that we should just leave it to explorering the non-generated chunks. It would be much more rewarding to uncover a temple, aposed to the ones everyone is sprinting to that have been spotted on the live map.

    If the wild does get reset, I would like to see locks being torn down for full price in the days leading up to the reset.
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  11. I hope there is a reset... Because the empire cannot continue on forever without a reset, it has to be reset at some point. It may as well be at a major update..

    In my opinion there should be periodic resets... so everyone is back on equal ground again. And dont go complaining about your creations in the wild, You did it once, you can do it again.

    So yeh, i hope for a reset :)

    Maybe there's a chance for 2 wilds? .. I dont know if this is a viable option, both if it's possible, and if the servers can handle another world. If we have an Old Wild, and a New Wild.. then in a Month or two, w get rid of the old wild. Just a breif time to get grinders, farms, and stuff back in the new wild. I suspect this wouldnt be pssible though.
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  12. no one knows for sure when it comes out.
  13. love the idea of a new wild have it regular resets and the old one only has a reset when needed like when its completely empty!
  14. says unkown release date. AND honestly the wild reset is looming BECAUSE why would our wonderful mods let us go without the new big biomes and temples......... may have sounded like i was trying to dis the mods but i wasnt i am just accepting the reset.
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  15. Plus... ICC is promising us lots of new shiney features coming up for EMC. I suspect a fresh new reset will come along with it :)
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  16. Watch out mate, :p You will have anti resetians raging at your backside in a minute with a statement like that hahah :p
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  17. I Will Be Showing A Video Of 1.3 And A Desert Temple!
  18. I'm not sure what to think :S
    I want a reset so I can find emeralds, explore temples and trade with villagers but on the other hand I don't want a reset because I don't want to lose my xp farm. I think I will just leave it to everyone else to decide. :)