Reset for 1.3- Periodic Reset instead...

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  1. I know there has been a lot of talk about whether or not to have a wild and nether reset with the release of 1.3. But there isn't enough new features to justify the entire reset, in my opinion. So I think IcecreamCow and JustinGuy, should instead implement the Periodic Reset areas around the main spawns. There is no schedule for them to happen, and a periodic reset of them hasn't happened at all in the months I have been on EMC. I have visited almost all of the servers and almost all of them have some type of player caused destruction or holes down to bedrock and so on.

    It has always been discouraged to build in these areas , but a one week notice would be sufficient to warn players and what not.

    This Reset wouldn't be able to happen till after 1.3, so they aren't caught in the middle of this and the update is released.

    Any thoughts, concerns, opinions, and anything else is appreciated

    Thank You
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  2. I don't get it

  3. Area in Yellow is the Periodic Reset Area, but this hasn't been implemented
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  4. Actually it has been implemented. However Justin is away in vacation somewhere and he could not reset the areas. :(
  5. Yes it has been implemented but those areas have never been reset; (I have been wrong before) I really don't want to argue about this; I just think this would be a good alternative to resetting the entire wild and nether to new maps.
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  6. Oh wait, you want to reset the wild? Oh nvm then lmao.
  7. No, i think what he is saying is "reset this area, dont reset the whole thing. This should be good enough."
  8. Thank you for understanding! anyone can just click on that area on the live map and see what it has to say
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  9. I asked about this a few days ago. On smp7 1 in every 10 people to pass that areas falls and 1 in every 2 people to fall dies.
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  10. Yeah the reset areas if i can recall have only once actually reset.