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  1. I want to see what you guys think about this. I personally do not believe guns should be banned, as they are used by many people in rural areas to hunt and provide for their families. If people could use guns for self defense and self defense only our world would be a much better place. Say firearms were banned, the "good" people, the law abiding citizens, in society would no longer have guns as they are concerned about being obedient. However, many criminals would find a way to get a gun from the black market, fellow criminals, etc. because the law doesn't matter to them. This would mean the innocent, obedient citizens are without a defense weapon while the criminals are roaming the streets with whatever firearms they can get their hands on.

    On the other hand, I do believe that some restrictions should be put in place. There are too many incidents where those with mental incapabilities, or those who are completely evil, get their hands on a weapon and use it as an act of terrorism.

    Tell me what you think!

    EDIT: Totally forgot to add a poll :confused:
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  2. No, they need to be kept legal so you can have track of them. If a country bans them, the people will get the guana equally but we fear which causes then hate...and then death.if you keep them legal, you can see who has what and where, and what he does with it.
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  3. I think guns should stay legal here in the US. I also agree that we should have a stricter policy for owning them. I personally don't own a gun, and it scares me just to hold one or fire one. But I believe people have the right to protect themselves and their family or use them for hunting if they'd like. I don't think that firearms are the main problem in this country. I think the main issue is the lack of mental health care in general. It is incredibly expensive and difficult to obtain. Another issue, which has been made obvious in the past few years, is the lack of training in the police force also. There are way too many people getting killed in situations where a gun wasn't/isn't necessary.
  4. " This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for fighting, and this is for fun."
  5. Yes.

    We need to eliminate weapons outside of a small military.
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  6. No. Banning guns is the worst idea anyone has ever had.

    The president bans guns, Good people will have to give up their hard earned firearms. Bad people will what? Still have their damn guns. So this gives an advantage to robbers muggers etc.
  7. Are guns used by the average person weapons or tools (as in, used for noncriminal activities)?
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  8. No reasoning?
  9. Weapons are needed in case we have to wage a revolution against an unjust government. Tools are needed in case we have to jimmy into our neighbors window.
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  10. I don't know how to put this, but we need to restrict the uses of guns. Every day on the news, I see lots of people murdered from as young as 3 to a senior. This is so terrible, because those lives of people can't live their full life and be happy. :( We should restrict guns some how for less murders.
  11. No, that is not the case. The word "Weapon" has been changed over the last several decades to purposely hold a negative connotation. Thus it can't be treated the same anymore. In the case of having to counter an unjust government, guns would still be tools as they would be used in justified self defense.
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  12. Plus, has anyone considered the zombie apocalypse. "Rule #2 Double Tap". You might think it's dead, one more makes it 100% sure.
  13. Here in the UK, its extremely hard to get hold of a gun. I have never seen a gun, I have never used a gun, and crimes that are usually committed in the US with guns are mostly done with kitchen knives here :p

    Its extremely hard to get a hold of them. You need to have half a dozen licenses, you need to buy them from a gun shop (so you can't walk into ASDA (The British equivalent of Wal-Mart :p), show off your license, and buy one) that have about a single googolplex of permits to do things, and are checked up on by the Police. These gun shops are... absolutely nowhere. ._.

    The only times I have heard of them being used for something is pigeon/fox shooting and Army/Royal Air Force/Navy Cadets. Oh, and on farms - but I've never heard of a farm using a gun outside of my mum's stories of her granddad shooting rabbits on his farm in Wales :p

    +1 for gun legality, as long as its kept in check and measures are taken to make it hard for people :p
    If you have to wage a revolution against an unjust government, chances are they will have already taken steps to ensure that you don't have firearms that will give you an advantage over their army. They would probably make sure your revolution would be citizens armed with stanley-knives against soldiers armed with automatic rifles.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that the Police here aren't allowed to use guns either. They are not allowed to hit a criminal unless they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, tazers are reserved for officers with special training, batons are only used for crowd control, and armed officers are only called in when there's no alternative - not even our riot police are allowed guns.
  14. I like this. I think it would be helpful if our government implemented something similar.
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  15. SoulPunisher has it pretty much explained for Britain, it is really hard to get a gun around here, and the only time I've ever seen one was at a gun shop. This gun shop was over 350 miles from my town, it was in Scotland, so they really aren't that common around here, probably because it is so hard to set one up (let alone get licenses to buy a single gun in the first place) :p

    My friend says that his parents have one for clay pigeon shooting, I suppose that makes sense, seeing as how they live out in the middle of nowhere with a decent amount of land! Airsoft rifles are a little more common but even then, aren't something you see often by any means.

    I think that guns should be allowed but they need restrictions. Britain has a lot of restrictions, some may say too many, but seeing as how gun crime is at a 0 around where I live? I suppose it's a good thing, but then nobody can get guns for enjoyment either. Airsoft rifles can be fun as well though, I've used one once and they don't feel much different, the concept is still the same (assuming you're not a murderer).
  16. It definite depends on what state the person trying to purchase a gun lives in. As an example, someone in California probably shouldn't own a rifle IMO (unless its just for self defense) , but someone from Maine should be able to for hunting purposes, etc..

    I'm pretty sure if you have certain mental issues, such as PTSD, or if you've been to prison, etc. It is not legal for you to own a gun. It's also different for different states. I'll probably write more here when I can think fully, I am sick and the sickness is kicking my ass.
  17. i own guns :)
    everyone knows im the best so
  18. Bite coming out with the truth, I guess... :p
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  19. Tools to kill animals.

    Oh, what a happy idea.

    Animal cruelty is just awful.
  20. Gun's don't kill people. People kill people.... with guns.
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