Shorten the delay for unclaiming from 1 hour to 10 - 20 min.

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  1. Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure if this is set up by design or a possible bug. But because it has happened to most of my friends as well as with a new player who I tried to help move just a moment ago I'm assuming this to be by design.

    I noticed that when a new player comes online that he has to wait one hour before he can unclaim his residence. Quite frankly I think this works very counter productive and demotivating because its my experience so far that the first thing new players want to do is to try and get closer to each other. At the very least to be on the same server.

    I just experienced another example this evening when one player ended up on smp2 (he had joined us yesterday) and the other on smp1 (joined this evening). However; they wanted to live together on the same server. I tried to help them out; we all went to smp1 to the players residence there, but the moment he tried to use /res unclaim (at this time the player had been online for approx. 23 minutes) he got an error stating that he had to wait for an hour.

    Result so far is that both players logged off. They might try tomorrow but... And I know and have experienced more examples where players got a bit disappointed over this.

    So my suggestion would be to consider reducing the one hour delay for new players to 10 or 20 minutes. This would allow new players to group together a whole lot easier, especially when one player invites the other and they end up on different servers.

    In my opinion the current one hour delay works highly demotivating for our new player base, and I say that because I've seen the reactions this evening once again.
  2. I don't like bumping (seriously) but I am going to do so right now.

    For the only reason that I think the issue is really ticking off some of the new players.
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  3. I would support this, as this impacts not only the "new player" base, but it'll help other players too. +1
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  4. Resetting or Unclaiming a Residence(top)

    You can only unclaim or reset your residence once every hour.

    This is from the wiki.
  5. Seconded. It's not just new players either, my alt spent several hours online initially because of the /unclaim wait time. Part of that was, if you don't have a residence, the minute you switch servers you will automatically claim a new one on the server you switch to. Which may or may not be the plot you intended, which means another hour of waiting.
  6. I think the main issue at the core of all this is the fact that you're automatically given a residence when you join, with no freedom of choice as to where it's located. I totally understand that we want to make it easier on new players (because if we had to type "do /v open and /claim to get a home" every minute, it could get a bit frustrating) but not only has it not completely eliminated the problem (I have to type it about every 5-10 minutes now), it doesn't make up for the fact that new players aren't even given a chance to choose where they want to live. Sparing them the trouble of doing /v open and /res claim is all well and good, but most players (if they stay awhile, which is what we want, right?) are going to move at least once in their EMC lifetime, and so they might need to know those commands.
    Imagine the situation above if they joined and had the freedom to claim their first res wherever they liked. Much less trouble IMO.
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  7. Yup! I asked about this before, but... I honestly can't quite recite the answer :p
    We've had problems with this, definitely. It's quite frustrating.
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  8. Hell even 5 minutes is fine. its meant to prevent intentional abuse of server resources that resets involve.
  9. I just got to love the server a whole lot more.

    Thanks for the confirmation Aikar!
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  10. I believe that we are aware of the unclaim/reset time with ShelLuser's post.
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