Shell's Event cleanup event: what do we do?

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What event type would you prefer?

Poll closed Aug 5, 2015.
Forum game: random numbers. 2 vote(s) 6.7%
Forum game: ask the Shell. 2 vote(s) 6.7%
Just a forum game, don't care which. 2 vote(s) 6.7%
In-game: maze, like you did for your followers. 4 vote(s) 13.3%
In-game: drop party. 3 vote(s) 10.0%
In-game: treasure hunt. 14 vote(s) 46.7%
Just an in-game game, don't care which. 3 vote(s) 10.0%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi gang!

    May I please first start by saying how utterly awesome I think this server is? Look: when I rant like this I'm not saying that EMC is perfect. It's not, it can't be. No server is perfect. Maybe a server you're running yourself but even then it could be perfect for you but all your visitors? (and lets also keep EMC's size in mind..). But if you really get a feel for the community, in your own way, then yeah... This happens :)

    Having that out of the way...

    I recently did a semi-private event for my followers (it has ended now) and although many people have participated we also got plenty of spoils left. I meant for that to go 'into' the community and that is exactly what is going to happen: we've rounded up all left overs and that shall be the price pool of my upcoming "Event cleanup event". So: a public event where everyone gets a chance.

    Only one question remains: what shall we do with the drunken sailor, early in the morning?

    I mean with the event of course ;)

    Now, I don't really follow or participate in much events so please excuse me if your favorite event type isn't listed here. Just call me dumb and correct me if you will, I'd appreciate it ;)

    This should be about you guys, not me. Though I have to be honest: some event types can obviously take me a little longer to set up than others. But we'll worry about those pesky details later on...

    Random numbers: people post, determines a winner.
    ask the Shell: people post with a question, I answer questions and does the rest.
    Just a forum game: you prefer something on the forum over in-game.

    In-game: maze.. speaks for itself.
    In-game: DP.. same.
    In-game: Don't care: you prefer stuff happening in the game.

    Other: Please share!

    I know about parkour, I didn't list parkour because I'm probably even worse building parkours than I am in doing them. Then again... Some redstone contraptions worked out kinda nicely. But if many people prefer parkour then I know just who to turn to and ask them if I could "borrow" their parkour. We'll work it out.

    SO... Dear EMC community.. what would you like? You got 5 days.
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  2. First to comment and first to vote!
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  3. Treasure hunt is better than a drop party as you have a more likely chance to get valuable loot!
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  4. I have voted. Thank you! :)
  5. Another event, eh? I have dropped my vote in he votebox. :)
  6. Who voted drop party?
  7. Out of the ones you put of there, treasure hunt sounds like the most fun. You especially could put on a really good one.

    You could do some really cool stuff with Redstone parkour, though. I love me some parkour. :p
  8. Well, it seems that even after one day of voting we're already looking at a very likely winner. So, anyone care to fill me in on what a treasure hunt is? :D

    Nah; don't worry. I already picked up the "Minecraft treasurehunt for Dummies" book so I should come well prepared. And there are also plenty of players to turn to for advice which is also really nice. I already got a little plan / scheme which I'm going to think about... And with 4 available residences (maybe even more if I turn to some of my friends (time to check all the admin flags I got :D (not many because I usually remove 'm myself ;))))...

    Thanks for your votes guys, please keep sending them in 8)
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  9. So, one last small bump (not really) and also an update about this upcoming event...

    Apparently: "ur a nub" holds true because in another post (warning: that event ended!) I told that some grander prizes has been claimed. Well, I was lucky that we did a final check on my Utopia res. this afternoon before I hit /res reset because we retrieved at least 8 more chests with contents, including the Meteor Bow. "oops".

    So this upcoming event will at least provide the following prices:
    • Meteor bow.
    • Cupid bow.
    • Empire Firework 2015.
    • 32 shiney arrows.
    • 1 Vault & 2 Stable -vouchers .
    • Plenty of diamonds, emeralds & gold ingots (I could swear I got more gold than I started out with but I can't put my finger on it).
    • Some shiney flesh, mob heads, and miscellaneous stuff.
    All and all I think it's going to be a good price pot, all that's left to do is the event itself. But I'm really hellbent on carefully planning every detail possible. It will probably take a few more weeks but this is going to happen and considering the details which I have worked out so far I really think you're going to like this ;)

    Hmm, there's something I forgot...

    Oh right: bump! :D
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  10. Currently donating 50k in rupees to the prize pot of this event. Enjoy! :)
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  11. And received! Thank you very much, this will be quite useful!

    I'll set up an event page / blog in a few days. I need to re-read the rules if a planned event without a date can be posted in the events forum or if it might be a better idea to keep a 'blog' elsewhere and only make it official when I can set a date.

    Thanks again Caden, much appreciated!
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