Share Your MC Skins!

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  1. This has probably been done already but it must be lost deep in the forum clutter. As an artist who specializes in colors, I want to share with you skins that I've made and edited over the years.
    Of course you can share the skins you've made in this thread too! It doesn't matter how good it is, what does matter is that it's a skin that has genuinely come from you.
    Whether you're looking for a new skin, admiring, or itching to show off, this is the thread for you!
    And remember kids: Only you can prevent forest fires!

    (I apologize in advance if this doesn't belong here or if it's already been made, I've just wanted to contribute)
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  2. (AAAND) Post the links of the skins under spoilers, or if you're able to post an actual picture then do that. Thanks!
  3. These are mine... Well the most recent ones. All came from my Random skin Editing Service I do. Some are private some are public.
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  4. I'll add mine in when I get on my PC tommorow
  5. I think the best way to show off my two skins would be by inserting this great render by Final_Arc/Finalysm:
    They're both not too great, but as I made them myself and they fit, I do like them! :)
    My own skin (on the left) was made when I was like 12 years old, so excuse it not looking super great :p
    But yeah, it's grown on me, and most people think it's kind of cute ;)
    On the right is OrangeDuck for my alt OrangeDuck607: this skin should assure you what meaning of Orange is used in OrangeDuck.
    OrangeDuck is kind of an original character, I guess, but she's somehow based off of one of my friends in real life :p (long story ;))
  6. You forgot my skin that I've updated for you

    I also have these

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  7. I don't think you did, Foxy, as I received a pm with it ;)
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  8. People didn't know about it so I had to show it with more skins I've done. There are more but I really don't want to take time uploading the 3d models of each skin.

    Maybe when I feel like it xD
  9. I'm steve.
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  11. I didn't make my own skin, but I have one which was custom made for me last year (it's almost been a year) when I ran my "Dress the Shell" competition / event, the winner could win a diamond support voucher. Not because I'm so rich mind you, I'm not. But because I was dead serious about it: I really wanted a better, more suitable, skin.

    Right up to now I'm still very proud and pleased with my skin, I never switched it for something else. So yeah, this is a bit of showing off I guess, but also to give some proper credits back ;)

    My skin was made by BabyCreepersRule, who is now known as HashtagHuxlo:

    And I think she did an amazing job! :)
  12. This used to be my skin years ago :)

    I then held a contest to have someone put a white suit and hat on it. I've been through a few skins now but only subtle changes have been made, it's always been a white suit and hat since! I've had it for absolutely ages and don't plan on changing it!

    Here is the first version of my white suit skin!

    This is how it looks now :)

    I even got my alts to wear variants of it...
  13. I made my skin when I was bored one day, but I kinda liked it so I used it. For my alt I just made the colors reversed.

    Then I made one for my brother when I was bored...
  14. beautiful :') I love seeing how people are so attached to their skins. They're just little additions to minecraft but everyone has a reason for their skin. I like to change mine every other month, but I haven't changed it yet from my oc
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  15. My skin brings back memories, will never change it too much from original. I purple-ified it for an event. Maybe I should wear that every now and then
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  16. #OCLYFE Foxy edited my previous skin that I had (I thank him for it). So, I'll show my current skin and my previous skin and my favourite one which is my current profile avatar (drawn by chewsy).



    OC (Edited by FoxyRavenger)
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  17. I may upload one if I have time.
  18. D O I TTT
  19. That picture is quite majestic!

    Ha, I like that, good idea!
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  20. I have shared it on threads here before, but it is always a nice one to bring out, quite for that reason! :)
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