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  1. Share Your Location

    Hello, Everyone, I Am In Deep Need Of Help From This Community. For My Outside Of School Project, I Chose Where And How You Live!!! Basically, I Need A Few Members To Just Share Were They Life (Country/State/City)!!! If Anyone Doesn't Like Sharing Were They Life I Would Love To Just Hear The Country Or State.

    City: (Optional)

    Also, I Would Love To Have More Depth, Please Tell Me The Climate You Have And
    What Are The Traditions!!! I Know It Is A Lot To Ask For But I Know That
    Some Or Just A Few Could Help Me Here Don't Need A Lot.
  2. Connecticut. It's really cold right now.
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  3. I feel a little uncomfortable sharing where I live so I'm going to stay vague like PenguinDJ

    Illinois :p It' mildly cold and mostly sunny.
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  4. Ya That Is What I Figured Just Said City (Optional), I Also Don't Like Sharing Were I Live :p
  5. Well, you made your city public so anyone can see the city you live in. :p
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  6. Shhhhhh
  7. I live in the Icelandic part of Africa, the state of Florida.
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  8. I have zero problems sharing where I live. Just please don't kill me. =P

    Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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  9. I also don't mind sharing. I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, North American Continent, on Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. The weather here lately is warm for the Great White North. Today was 7 degrees above zero. That is about 44 F for you fine people south of the Canadian/US border, with no snow in the valley, but some in the hills around the city. I just love Canada. ;)
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  10. North Carolina, where I live it's full of red necks and guns.

    No lie. I want to move.
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  11. I live in North Carolina (I'd prefer to not say the city). It's cold now, It gets to about 20f at night and the stupid heater in the basement can't keep up so it's freezing down there.

    Lol, I live in the same place. Every afternoon the rednecks are out shooting their guns in the woods behind my house :p
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  12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15241. Fite me. Or send me stuff :D
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  13. Canada (Very cold)
  14. Austin, TX, USA
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  15. Didn't you say in a previous post that you were from Florida? :confused:
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  16. That's where her old location stated. With a star following...

    <-- NYC, NY. Pretty cold outside.
    One of the New York Traditions is yelling. We like to yell.
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  17. I'm from Florida, but I don't live there.
  18. You defiantly live in the wrong part of Canada. :p
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  19. IL US
    Climate, Cold/Moderate Cloudy
    Traditions : Pizza/Movies