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  1. First houses on minecraft! I am going to try get mine off xbox :)
  2. Funny you should ask.. anyway, mine is right here.
  3. Mine is on smp7, my first res is the res i got when i joined the empire an i have added any thing new to it in a long time xD.
  4. I don't have any pictures of it as it was years ago, but it was a little wooden house :p Not much to it really, but it did have windows and doors! :rolleyes:
  5. Unless you have a time machine able to travel 6 years into the past or a way to get stuff off my old, broken and scrapped computer: I have no screenshots :p

    My first house was technically a cave. I had no clue how to do anything so I just dug into a cave and stayed there for about an hour (I couldn't tell when it was day or night, so...).
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  6. mine just wiped :mad::(:confused: I was crushed still played it too
  7. The very first build i had was on the pocket edition. I had found an island and walled it in with stone brick. I had a tower in the center and a garden an farm around it....I later built bridges to the surrounding islands and eventually walled those in too. It was a massive island paradise.

    On the PC, my first build was in single player and it was a three story oak shack that was on the ocean. It had a modest farm built around it but beyond that all you could see was water....
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  8. Mine was on the pocket editon. it was pretty much a hollowed out mountain complete with rooms, furniture, and windows.
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  9. Mine was on pocket edition from years ago. I still have the world but I literally have hunderds of worlds on my phone :p
    Edit: found it at the bottom of my worlds list

    It seems I built an entire city with it too
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  10. man u a builder? that's awesome my first house was simler just a island that I planted trees around the premiter :D
  11. Well i do like to build. I like to create stuff fast and easy so i had the cheat mode on when i did the builds but then turned it back to survival afterwords. lol EMC different cause i can't go to creative mode and build. I actually have to gather the materials first. So my builds here are really simple, but i'm storing materials for a giant project i've got planned. I'm working out the kinks in single player while i'm collecting every piece of stone i need on EMC.
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  12. Times like these make me sad when I remember i don't have those pics.

    -My first shop was a glass and sand typical box shop selling sand and cactus, and maybe gravel.... It was BEAUTIFUL!
    -My first house was an awesome attempt at a Beauty and the Beast mansion. It didn't come out at all like we expected, but I remember people thought we were crazy wealthy because we were putting glowstone as the floor of the entire ballroom. Glowstone was a hot commodity then...
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  13. D: dont have a picture of mine from 2011..... only have screen shots back to the end of 2013

    Edit: just checked i have 1943 screenshots since December 5th 2013
  14. My first Empire Structure was a huge wooden box with flowers surrounding with and iron bars surrounding that. Poorly made shop. :p

    I remember my first house like it was yesterday. I remade it quickly. It was exactly like this but in a swamp.

    And without rain, since weather wasn't added yet.
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  15. Ah yes, my first house. February 2012 I believe. Twas a small Oak Plank Shack in the middle of the gross grungy swamp. with my 25 block deep hole garbage can. Still hard to believe when I joined, sheep regrowing wool was anew feature :p
  16. I remember mine being a dirt hut then I made a glass box near it. Sadly my computer was scraped.
  17. Well, when I first started playing, I just built a dirt box without a roof around a patch of ground, got enough wood, and just kept on mining. I then put as many chests as I could in it, stuffing all of them with my loot. But my first “house”, as I classify a room with at least windows and a door and a bed, was just a 10*10 wood cube with edges of cobble, but then I built a mansion in the mountains not far away. I still use that house as my mining base. No photos, sadly, since it was before I taught myself how to avoid fake ads, and I basicly had to reset my computer or it will download a crap ton of junk onto my computer every single bootup.
  18. I think I still have mine in single player..

    I will edit it if I find it or not tomorrow :p

    Edit: :( I forgot I lost it when my pc got reformatted... But I have my 2nd house I made and it's the 1st one my husband made so maybe this counts?

    We found a village a set up shop within it's boundaries
  19. my 1st house was in sp. i dug out a room in a mountain, added chest and bed and windows and then i had a cave house ^.^
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