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  1. Hi gang!

    Today its the 10th of March 2016. And that's the day when the Minecraft craze really started to take off for me, it really managed to spark my interest in the game. How do I remember this so well you ask? Well, simple really.. Because of my screenshot folder. Many snaps are sporadically used and removed again but there are some snaps which I really cherish... Like this one, the very first Minecraft screenshot I ever made. From the very first build / house I ever made:

    Filename: 2014-03-10_07.38.57.png

    This was "somewhere else" but that's not the point. My first build, and I suddenly also remember how much I love(d?) builds which were a bit submerged into water. As you can see the window sits under water which gave it a pretty cool view from inside. In fact: that's another change I really like in 1.9: when there's water pushing against a wall you no longer see the water stream all the time but you get a nice clear underwater view.

    Nope, I don't see any fish in the water! 2014-03-10_16.02.57.png

    I was quite the newbie there, quite proud that I managed to build all that with such limited resources. Fun times ;)

    Of course I also played on single player, quite heavily even. But he most fun times were during the weekends when my gf came over and we could play together. Honestly: the "Open to LAN" feature is one of the best things in Minecraft I think. Get a friend to come over with their computer, hook them up and you have everything you need to play together!

    One of my all-time favorite worlds to play in, seed: -3395188491349304889

    It's quite amazing how a game which looks so basic actually packs such a big punch where gameplay is concerned. The saying "there's more than meets the eye" sure applies to Minecraft in my opinion!

    True story: if I've been very busy with work or other things then it's not uncommon for me to sit behind my PC before heading to bed. Cup of coffee, reading up on the latest news and perhaps one small game to get my mind of things before turning in. Well... Unless that game is Minecraft then playing a small game won't work out too well.

    Another now well known person on EMC and me try an alternative way to transport horses ;)

    And that last picture automatically brings me to what I believe to be the absolute best feature of the game. No, it's not redstone and sorry to some players here as well: it's also not slabs, boats, beacons, commandblocks nor trees.

    It's the Minecraft community which we're all part off.

    The most fun times I've had on Minecraft were nearly always shared with others. Whether it was my girlfriend or players who I met online: a Minecraft experience really is a thing worth sharing and doing together.

    Sure; going out on a mining trip can be plenty of fun on your own. But are you really? I don't know about you, but there is a reason why I favor the ability to chat outside town so much ;) But what's even more fun is to go out together and just have some fun somewhere.

    Even if that fun consists of doing (or maintaining) something which is simply a bit silly by design...

    So yeah... 2 years worth of Minecraft down, and hopefully a lot more to go! Hmm, perhaps I'll get myself something to enjoy in the evening to celebrate a little ;)
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  2. This, sometimes, is very true for all of us! :p

    Interesting read, congratulations on playing the game for two years! I can agree that the most fun times on Minecraft are shared with others, just being able to play with friends here and with my girlfriend makes everything so much better. I haven't played single player properly in so long, playing on this server makes things so much better!

    When I first joined over three years ago, I only played single player for a very short time, I was on EMC within a week and I have never looked back :rolleyes:
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  3. hehe.. yeah, well, that's just it.. I think it's amazing and goes to show us that price doesn't determine game quality. I paid the full price for GTA V for example and got bored with that pretty soon after. Other games (here's looking at Far Cry 2) I still enjoy sporadically to this very day (on ps3).

    But Minecraft... It just keeps on going and for a fraction of the price too!
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  4. Exactly that, price is never the best indicator for what makes a good game. Everyone likes different things, but reviews are always the best places to look ;) I sporadically play some GTA games also, but don't play them as frequently as Minecraft still!
  5. Congratulations on 2 years. I'd have to look back....I tried it once on my xbox about a year ago, but really just started playing seriously June 4th, 2015. A lot less time, but I know what you mean, its been something my Wife and I both dove into even going to the point of running our own server after 1 month in. Albeit that was mostly for our use and a few friends.

    Its great seeing posts like this where people are still as excited by the game several years's something I see in a lot of minecraft players that few other games have.
  6. Che bello! I really like this post! :)
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  7. Well, a belated response deserves a belated thanks :)

    Its really quite amazing tbh; how a game like Minecraft can sometimes be so relaxing and nice to play with. Heck, it was really funny when I was sitting in the hotel lobby / restaurant last week (you can order drinks there, and its usually more fun there than sitting in your hotelroom) where the waitress suddenly wondered what the heck I was doing (I was working out some stuff for an upcoming MC project ;))

    good times :)
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