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  1. Hi gang!

    You know what is so awesome about Empire Minecraft? Wait, you know more than one reason?! Oh ok, but let me focus on one thing please, otherwise this turns into an essay :D (as if it wouldn't otherwise).. But seriously: the diversity. We all have different interests, different opinions, different stuff we like or dislike, and yet it still mixes in quite nicely. From Skyrim (I like) to Tattoo's (I don't really like) to.... Time for some Anime :)

    When I got introduced to Anime (Ghost in the Shell movie) I learned 2 things: it is animation yet quite different because a lot of Anime out there will easily address quite mature topics. Usually this goes way beyond your fun Tom & Jerry, Leghorn or Scooby Doo. The other part is the music score which accompanies the project. The Ghost in the Shell movie I mentioned above (the 'animated manga' (manga aka comic book) if you will) also saw a spin-off series "GiTS Stand Alone Complex" ("GiTS SAC"). Intro music by Origa. Which resulted in a whole OST (Original Sound Track). Purchasable on CD (or digital media).

    Music and sound is a big thing in Anime. In fact: plenty of Japanese pop stars / idols found their origin within Anime.

    SO... What is your favorite Anime intro music?

    I have quite a few favorites, but I have to admit: ever since Kyzoy mentioned the 終わりのセラフ Anime I can't get the sound track out of my head ;-) Oh, you can't read Kanjii? Well, neither can I, I just copy & pasted that to make this look cooler ;)

    I'm talking about a dark fantasy Anime where the ancient conflict between vampires and humans is taking into a whole new perspective:

    Note: soundcloud, this is music only. Awww, why can't we embed Soundcloud stuff? ;)

    What's your favorite?
  2. Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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  3. Weeaboo! Turn yourself in! D:
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  4. Log Horizon's opening. Best one I've heard so far.
  5. I just love all of these so much! In case you aren't aware, OP stands for opening/intro!

    Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン)
    - "My Dearest" — I fell in love with the song instantly, my #1!
    - The OP is very nicely done as well!
    Owari no Seraph (おわりのセラフ)
    - You need to watch the OP with the soundtrack, the best part is at 1:01!
    Nagi no Asukara (なぎのあすから)
    - The song begins to pick up at 0:28
    - Turn down your speakers.
    Akame ga Kill (アカメがきる)
    - Sends chills down your spine!
  6. this is one of my favs!

    makes me feel happy everytime i listen to it :)
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  8. Akame ga Kill - Liar Mask (Opening 2)
    It simply sounds elegant. I'm trying to learn it on piano, but I have to "re-compose," so to speak, some areas so that my hand stretch can accomodate the song (and play it fast at the same time).

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Hikaru Nara (Opening 1)
    This one sends chills down my spine and I get goosebumps every single time I hear it, especially at one certain part. The feels are real in this anime ;_;

    I have other favorites, but these are my top two.
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  9. Log Hirozon, yeeeees. Though I prefer the season 1 credits song over the opening, actually.

    Another good one is Seiken Tsukai no World Break (Anime itself wasn't all too good in my opinion but I really liked the soundtrack)

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  10. I personally like the opening in Sword Art Online, but I'm not sure if it's because I liked the anime.

    Gotta love the Attack on Titan intro.

    I stick mostly to mainstream animes, I am not a diehard anime fan but definitely enjoy it.
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  11. I love the Sword Art opening, but guilty crown has it beat for me. Sword art is #1! I didn't post all of mine, but it seems people are posting many for me! :p
  12. I've recently started watching Kamisama Kiss, and season 2 has the cutest intro song and video. Sorry for the quality, I can't find a decent one with the intro video :(

  13. I love this anime! Was very cute! :)
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  14. Time for some more... Back in the day we had the Naruto anime series. It was pretty good but suffered from major issue: filler. Because the animated series rapidly caught up to the manga they eventually stalled a bit. Alas, a continuence started called Naruto Shipuuden. And I have to say, the intro is catchy:

    Up next: Message #9, the intro of Gasaraki. I think this could even appeal to people who don't like Anime considering that most of the lyrics are actually English. A very dark and intriguing approach I think. Unfortunately... For me this was one of those Animes like: "Awesome intro, shame about the series".

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  15. I found it! A gem from my childhood and one of the things which really sparked my interest for Anime last century: バブルガムクライシス also known as Bubblegum Crisis. You'll see in the video below that the animation is quite dated (esp. in comparison to more modern anime) but this series has a sound score which is almost unmatched (IMO) and truly set a standard.

    The series involves around a group of (female) friends who band together and call themselves the "Knight Sabers". Using specific power gear they're trying to keep their city (MegaTokyo) safe from often occurring "boomer" invasions. A boomer is an artificial life form created by the Genom corporation who often use the city as their testing grounds.

    What really drew me into this series was the somewhat dark approach, the somewhat mature storyline (sometimes there is no happy ending), mecha and well...

    One of the massive impact this series had was its outstanding music score. Which got mixed into the series pretty well. You see, one of the characters I mentioned above, Priss, is a singer in a band called The Replicants. Which means; on stage performances, aka music :) (Priss' voice actress was actually a popstar).

    The first episode ('Tinsel City') actually starts off with a full performance of Konya wa Hurricane; Priss performs on stage and in the mean time (while the music keeps playing) you get to see the first boomer invasion take place. When I saw that for the first time I went kinda crazy ;)

    This is also one of the few anime series of which I also bought the OST (Official Sound Track), it was well worth it.

    SO, here's a compilation of the opening of Bubblegum Crisis:

    Konyo wa Hurricane ('There's a hurricane tonight')
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  16. Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex. Hearing that theme takes me back to a time when I only worked three hours a day, got out at 1am and drove home through cool summer breezes to Chinese food, Counter Strike, and the last half of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
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  17. From Skyrim (I like) to Tattoo's (I don't really like) - Shel

    Imma get a ShelLuser tattoo.
  18. This Ironic Opening

    The Album that with it is pretty good

    Also Space Dandy tax
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  19. The thing I love about Cowboy Bebop is that they told the writer "You can make whatever you want, but it's got to have a spaceship in it so we can sell toys".

    Dude goes on to make one of the most epic storytelling animes out there.

    Also, my dog is named after the corgi.
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  20. Just learned that Origa (artist who sang that) passed away only last January :( Was even younger than I am :(

    But yah, double agree. Origa was something else; mixing both Japanese, Russian and English and making the whole mixture sound "normal"...

    Alas: this needs to be shared too ;)

    ... Esp. since GiTS is my all time favorite Anime :)