[Service] Mineral Mining

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  1. Shutting down my mining service due to extreme noobiness in the current market.

    Cancelling all orders, have PMed those with an order an apology.
  2. Diamonds are worth 120 each. I want to tell you before people take advantage.
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  3. If you decide to raise your diamond price (Stew is correct (I'm saying that a lot :p)) I'll take whatever you mine for under 110r per.
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  4. I will buy diamonds for 100r
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  5. Woah! I haven't been involved in the market for a while, but I remember buying them for around 50-70r each
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  6. Diamond prices have gone up a lot
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  7. Gold ingots generally sell for about 10r, but you may be intentionally selling them cheap (if you are, just ignore that).
    If you're still selling them for 6r per, I'll buy 5 stacks, which comes to a total of 1920r.
    Thanks :)
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  8. Yup prices have gone up! I'm raising the gold price to 8r, still want 5 stacks?
  9. Can I get a SC of coal? Which comes to 864r
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  10. Sure
  11. I'll get 3 stacks please :)
    That amounts to 1536r - Should I pay now, or once I receive the ingots?
  12. I'll take all the lapis you currently have :)
  13. Me too, I found out the hard way when I put up a nice shop.

  14. Are all prices up to date? If so, I'll take
    1x DC of Diamonds (54x64x100) 345,600
    2x DC of Emeralds (108x64x20) 138,240
    4x DC of Lapis (216x64x.5) 6,912
    That totals up to 490,752. I know this is a huge order, so I'm very easy on competition dates.
  15. I'll take 10 DCs of coal - 17,280r in total. If it's too much I'll just take 2.

    Get working :p
  16. So yeah...I'd place an order for dozens of DCs, but clearly you're not going to live up to your half at these prices. :)

    Maybe you should just open a shop? At these prices you will sell out easy. And then you're not busting anyone's expectations.
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  17. When you receive them ;)

    I'll have some after I've gone on some trips


    Sweet, I think I'll have a few mining trips in the near future... xD be prepared to wait! Don't pay now... Hopefully if I can be bothered I'll set up preview chests so you can see progress.

    Same info as above :p

    Ha! I like doing orders, it means the items definitely get sold. On the other hand, it is a lot of work... The stuff that ppl don't order go up in my shop which hasn't even opened coz I have nothing to put in it xD
  18. I'll buy as many diamonds as you wish to sell :)
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  19. as soon as I've finished the order for 1 DC of diamonds xD
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  20. Since this is an order service I'm worried that your order size will swamp your business. At these prices the orders could devolve into things like "200 DCs of lapis please". If I were running the service I'd probably per a max quantity per order to keep myself sane.

    But I like the prices, so to give you something concrete that is achievable, how about:
    • 5 stacks of redstone dust
    • 9 stacks of coal
    • 27 stacks of cobble
    • = 1312r
    I'm flexible on the exact stack quantities. I'd be willing to do 2x, 3x, 100x the quantities if it suits you.
    Best of luck!
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