[Service] Making a backup of you res. for singleplay

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  1. Hi gang!

    I think we've all been here before: you got a nice residence which you love to visit and work on, but can't help wonder if "that" idea would help you make it even better. But before you spend your blocks and rupees on it you'd rather test your ideas first. But how? You won't be getting access to Creative mode anytime soon....

    Or maybe you spend a lot of time on your residence(s) and it's already an amazing work of art. But... What happens in the hopefully never to happen moment when you go derelict?

    Wouldn't it be great if you got some way to preserve all your hard work? Even if it's only for yourself?

    Well, now you do.

    Shell's Residence download service.

    How does this work? Simple! If you have a residence which you'd like to preserve then you can send me a request and I'll download it for you. You'll get the whole thing in a ZIP file which you can extract in your Minecraft saves folder after which you can load your stuff in single player.

    Stuff to be aware off
    • When I download your res. it'll include everything on it except the contents of your chests. Those can be downloaded too, but for that I'll need "Container" permissions.
      • I'll need to open / close chests before their contents gets downloaded. There is an added fee of 2k max. for this service (a few chests will probably cost you around 50 - 100r extra, but a whole storage is going to cost more). Also: I'm perfectly fine with planning this so that you can check up on my actions to make sure that I'm not nabbing all your items. No hard feelings. You guys got my word (which actually means a lot to me) that I won't misbehave, but I'm all in for allowing you to make sure for yourself.
      • This includes instructions on how to add/remove the Container flags for my account.
      • Warning: If you now think "It'll be ok, when he steals my stuff then the staff will bust him anyway" then please be aware that the Staff usually does not take action against "residence conflicts". But trust me when I say that I got much better stuff to do than to try and steal your items.
    • If you're next to an official EMC residence then I reserve the right to take actions which will exclude that residence from the download.
      • Although there's no official ruling on downloading EMC structures (world downloader is an allowed mod after all) I refuse to take part in it and will indeed go through extra lengths to prevent it from happening. It's not that I mistrust people, it's merely that I don't feel good about nabbing stuff, especially EMC stuff.
    • You need to own the residence (or at least have admin rights) before I accept a download. If ALTs or friends are involved then I will require proof that they're OK with the download.
      • If this involves ALTs which you'd rather keep secret from the community then no worries. And to be sure you can relay the info in PRIVATE conversations (/tell or forum PM's) because I always treat those as private and wouldn't share their contents anyway.
      • In case you're wondering: yes, I take this game quite seriously.
    • Keep in mind that EMC has some specialties. If you disabled fire spread on your residence then that may not work all too well in singleplay. But there are failsaves for that (/gamerule doFireTick false for example).
    • The download link will be available for a limited time; at most 1 week. So be sure to make a backup copy after you downloaded it!
    Prices / Fee's
    • First / 1 residence download: 2,000r.
    • 2nd or more residences: 500 - 1,000r per residence.
      • If the residence is adjacent to the main residence: free.
      • For every extra residence adjacent to the main one: 500r.
      • If the residence is elsewhere (even on another server): 1,000r.
    • An Utopia residence will cost you 2x the normal fee due to the extra work, so 4,000r per res.
      • Because you can only own 1 Utopia residence I don't provide discounts for extra residences, even if they're adjacent to yours.
        • (edit): Note: I am willing to do this the other way around. If you want me to download your main (SMP) residence and your Utopia residence then you save money: 2k for your SMP residence + 2k (2x 1,000r) for your Utopia residence instead of the regular 4k for a single Utopia residence.
    Here's how to order!

    If you like the idea you can respond here or send me a PM if you want to keep things private. I prefer orders send through the forums instead of in-game, that will make sure I can't forget any ;) Also; I can make you an offer before you decide so that you'll know exactly what the download is going to cost you.
  2. Two happy customers down and so its time for a bump.

    And also time for an update: I've noticed that item frames sometimes act up. They become invisible and thus aren't downloaded. Still looking into what could be causing that; one thing is for sure: its a client-side problem. So keep that in mind for now.
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  3. Awesomely written! This is great!
    I'd donate, but I don't think that is needed and appropriate here. When you need anything, you can ask anyway, I have more than enough, and else I'll auction off some promos to get enough again.
    Just know: I really, really like this! :)
  4. BUMP

    This service has now been re-established for the current Minecraft version (1.9/1.10). Warning: Once EMC upgrades to 1.11 it'll probably take me a while before I can provide this service again, simply because I don't mess around with mods all that often.

    Or, in other words: I finally got a bit less lazy and upgraded Forge & Liteloader to 1.10.2, then I started looking around and eventually found my favorite mod combination again:
    • Optifine
    • Voxelmap
    • Durability show
    • Just Enough Items
    • World downloader
    After an upgrade to 1.11 it'll take some time before I'll get motivated to re-collect all these (also assuming they upgrade as well, you never know with mods.)

    So yeah, figured I might as well revise this service for a while again :)
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  5. Great, now I don't have to do it myself :)

    I'd like the residences /v +to, +tf, +te (my alt's res) and +ts to be downloaded. They're all adjacent to each other. Chest contents do not need to be downloaded. Thanks :)
  6. You've probably already figured it out, but I'm really his alt :)

    plz save me =(
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  7. Ok, so that would result in: Main SMP res: 2k + 1st adjacent res: free + 2 more adjacent residences: 2x 500 = 3,000r ("3k") total.
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  8. I'll pay you in a few hours :)

    I also forgot to mention: the res's are on SMP1.
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  9. No rush :) I'm also perfectly fine with looking first and paying later in this case :)

    I figured that one out by checking up on both your accounts residences, but I appreciate the feedback. I'll do the download later today, and I'll PM you the download instructions.
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  10. And another satisfied customer, time for a quick weekend bump :)
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  11. I will get in on this. :) /smp7 +cube That way I can do modifications without messing with what I got. :rolleyes:
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  12. Sorry for the delayed response. Just making sure: without the chest contents, so just your one residence? That will be 2k :)
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  13. yep, just the res, done care about the chest stuff. :)
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  14. Ok all, ShelLuser did a great job. I am completely satisfied. ;)
  15. Normally I try to attract business, but this evening business found me. So yeah, might as well bump this for a small bit of extra advertising :)
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  16. BUMP

    A reminder bump: the waste will reset in approx. 20 days (time of writing) and with that 1.11 will come. BUT... that also means it'll take me a while before I get my modpack upgraded again (I normally use vanilla and hardly mess around with mods).

    SO... Get this service now before it's too late :D
  17. 1.11.2 update

    This service has been revived! :cool: While trying to help a friend with finding his misplaced voters axe I suddenly got the idea to download his residence and check in creative. That plan failed somewhat because I forgot that chest contents don't get automatically downloaded, but it did gave me renewed access to all my favourite plugins.

    Including Schematica, but more about that later.
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  18. hey :D is it possible to download the whole server? i would love to go and make fun explosions of the whole town
  19. In theory, yes. But that would take a horribly amount of time and storage space so I'm not even going to try ;)

    Fun fact: I'm not just sharing dry theory here. A dear friend of mine has actually done something like this with the previous server we played on. They started a download and walked for hours across the map, going from one player town right to the other, downloading one city at a time (city size: 500x500 blocks). The result is a huge map where you can actually visit dozens of player towns.
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  20. This is awesome!!! ShelLuser is COMPLETELY trustworthy!! The service is extremely fair priced considering what you are spending and can edit in single player. This is almost like a PD voucher. Not the same as you could lose your res number which can be bad when people either like their number or the fact they have res's next to each other. This will never replace PD vouchers (Permanent Derelict) but does help if you do go derelict due to unforeseen circumstances.

    This service will hopefully bring back players who feel defeated once they see all their hard work has been erased due to derelict. Now they can feel better that their build has been saved and will entice them to come back.

    Just think of all materials and time you could save. Another positive to this is in case of a failure. Say you forgot fire spread was on and you accidentally burnt your stuff down. You can reload the zip and have your res back.

    1 question for Shell, What is the cost if I want to resave my res a month or more later after I have added so much more to my res?

    +100 on this service!!
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