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  1. As some of you may know while the servers where down i posted a thread about a skin making service, at first i didn't plan on continuing with it but them i got tons of positive feed back, this made me think that i could make a nice amount of rupees by doing something that i like. So i decided to start up this service, Lightning Skins is a branch of Vulcan Inc., this service will provide you with the chance tog get the skin you always wanted.

    Order Form:
    In Game Name(IGN):
    What You want done:
    Favorite Color:
    Please do not copy what other people wanted... try to be creative.

    New Skin: 5000r
    Skin Touch-Up: 2,750r

    Here is some of my previous work:
  2. Current Orders:
  3. reserved for later
  4. loving the first one :D and for my alt could u make a cyborg iron golem please?
  5. bump lets get some orders
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  7. Hey im wondering if you can edit my skin and make the pants match the rest of the body. Thanks and ill give you my head if you do it :)
  8. white pants?
  9. Pants that fit with the body
  10. Oh, good, I was worried you wouldn't see it since the site wasn't working very well, ill get on and pay now.
  11. how can u bump when the skins aren't all finished????
  12. i would like one i think...
    In Game Name(IGN): Dr_Hacksaw
    What You want done: Mountain climber / mountaineer
    Favorite Color: any really
  13. i can get as many orders as i want... i usually do all the skins then perfect them... I haven't been so fast because school just got back in and Mid-terms are coming up
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  15. IGN: xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    What you want done: well, I've been overdue for a new skin for almost a year now if I remember correctly... PandasEatRamen made my skin for me, and it's gotten old. I absolutely love it, but I need a new one. Okay, so basically all I want done is a pig skin, with a suit on, an orange suit, but with a purple tie. Maybe some ears sticking out as a hat of some sort. You experiment. ;)
    Favorite Color: Orange!
  16. when can i expect it done
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  18. apply to minecraft now

    like it?
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