Server Problems, Post Here!

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  1. Responding to multiple things.

    Treasure Maps. We are not making any changes to those treasure maps - so I am not sure - and we will have to look deeper into it.

    Connection Issue. Should be 'better' again. But still will have intermittent issues. I will be investigating a full solution to it... But am not sure. Cross server tab sorting will be readded next update.

    This sounds concerning and should not have happened. Weird.
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  2. No these were unexplored areas of the map. And i managed to cross server one of the maps no less. So, nice little prize glitch for my troubles.
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  3. um i dind now were tho put dis but i laggen out next tho a out post and i tink i saw a red bed inside it is there a secret room ??
  4. Recently my minecraft client hasn't been allowing me to logon to EMC at all. It's purely EMC-side. I tried to join other servers to check, and I joined them fine. But for whatever reason, I keep getting stuck on the "Joining World" screen, and there's not even a cancel button. I dunno if this is a known issue related to connection problems recently or something new, but...
  5. In the outpost, or outside of it?
  6. in it i tink let me take a scamatic and build it in creative
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  7. i found somting elso tho
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  8. Website Issue: The 5th link for voting isn't working. It comes up with a "Forbidden" message.
    When the page opens the website is:

    The exact message on the page is:

    You don't have permission to access this resource.
    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  9. Seems fine on my end? Maybe their site just hiccupped for you.
  10. Its been happening for a week now. I thought someone else might report it and it would get fixed. If there are no other reports of it then perhaps it is only happening to me. I have no idea what it could be, maybe it will fix itself in the coming weeks.
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  11. My 1.7 villagers are causing MC to break. They are there, but if I interact with them, I get kicked from the server. I figure that's probably in advance of the update? Will this likely be resolved after the update?
  12. This is a common occurrence for people who use VPNs, which are often blocked to help mitigate spam/other issues. If you're using any try turning them off then accessing the website again.
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  13. We must band together and save the villagers !!
    (sorry. Got no actual help)
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  14. Have you tried connecting with 1.18.2?
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  15. I'm not sure. Probably not! I'll try that!
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  16. Thanks for that! That saved me some heartache!
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