Server Maintenance [COMPLETE]

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  1. EMC Servers underwent maintenance from 12:06AM to 1:25AM EMC time.
    We successfully migrated SMP1 through 9 to new hardware (faster, and precautionary before anything fails)

    This change requires what's called a "DNS" Change, and these changes vary for everyone on how fast your ISP / DNS Server picks up the changes.

    Our default SPECIFIED Time To Live is only 5 minutes, but not every DNS server honors your value there, so they may take longer.

    If you can not connect with, try

    Please do not use this address long term though.
  2. wut migrate server hardware mean?
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  3. Move from 1 machine to another
  4. new server host
  5. Aikar recently purchased new servers to run EMC on! Migrating them mean he's moving our data over to those servers if I'm correct...
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  6. Sounds awesome hope emc gets smoother don't forget to back every thing up.
  7. Thank you for the heads up Aikar hope it all goes well!!
  8. ooh goodie, can't wait for it :D
  9. Take your time... Nothing good ever comes from rushing it. Also make sure to drink lots of 5 hour energy drinks!
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  10. Thanks for the warning. Wish it could be some other time but hey, y'all have real life stuff too! I'm sure you and the devs will have very little trouble getting it back up soon. You guys are awesome! :)

    PS- Sorry if that sounded a bit ungrateful. Thank you for all you do for the server.
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  11. Yeah its a good thing, but we've got more players online at midnight than we use to over a year ago... This use to be a great time for me to do it, but now we just have to deal with it, as I have to give myself allowance for if things go wrong and not end up staying up all night without any sleep...

    I did that once before and its not good for me having to go to work the next day....
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  12. Oh.... Utopia & games will likely be accessible if you connect to

    Those 2 are not subject to this maintenance, but the 3 primary Bungee servers will be offline, but it should fall back to the web server bungeecord and get you on those 2 servers.
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  13. Thanks, Aikar and good luck!
  14. edit: games doesnt appear to work on 2nd look once I shutdown the other bungees.
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  15. I'll get out my goat's blood and chicken feet and pray to the tech gods that all migrations go as planned. I'm not superstitious, but why take the chance?
  16. We are past the hour mark, is it time to worry yet?
  17. That's why the + was next to hour. Sometimes things take a wee bit longer than expected. If there's any significant issues causing a larger amount of downtime than expected I'm sure Aikar will update us.
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  18. Ok looks like everything should be coming back up now. DNS has been flipped to the new servers, which should take 5 minutes to propagate on good ISP's.
  19. Thank Aikar
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