[SERIES] FDNY21 Plays EmpireMinecraft!

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  1. The Series has begun!
    Hello everyone! As many of you know, I have been planning and starting up a series known to be called, 'FDNY21 Plays EmpireMinecraft' :)
    My test video for the series had lag, and was generally quite unprofessional. I now have...
    An intro, an outro, a new recording software, a new voice recording program, so now my videos should be improved, by a lot, since that test!
    The Series!
    So, the series. The series will be based on me playing EMC, but hopefully, playing what you want to see! I would like to hear back from you all as the community to see what you would want in the videos.
    My current plans are to video and tour my museum project and the accompanying garden project.
    If there is anything else you would like to see, feel free to comment in the forum, or add your comment to the YouTube videos comment section!

    Big thanks to Palmsugar for the new intro and outro! (starts at EP3)

    All positive reminders and constructive criticism is welcomed - I want this series to be both enjoyable for me and enjoyable for YOU!*

    *Description may be outdated and plans may have already been recorded. This info should be changed to fit the channel as it updates however.
    FDNY21 Plays EmpireMinecraft - Series Begins! (EP1)
    FDNY21 Plays EmpireMinecraft - Let's Talk! (EP2)
    FDNY21 Plays EmpireMinecraft - EMC Games! (EP3)
    FDNY21 Plays EmpireMinecraft - 18200 Museum! (EP4)
  2. :O cant wait for episode 2!
  3. nick5013 gave some good advice to make the next video even better, clearing up some background sounds! I will now be testing a microphone in my next video so I can see how much better it is, and of course, to see if you like it!
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  4. Off to bed now - there may be a new video within the next few days with MC in full screen and with improved sound - lets see how it goes! Feel free to comment your thoughts and follow on for more! Goodnight :D
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  5. Tell meh when ur making a vid, and might I ask if I'm in a vid can I advertise my youtube??
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  6. Fendy we should collabs :p
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  7. Waiting for next videos. So far : *thumb up* :D
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  8. I've had a few people asking for shout outs, but I usually turn my chat off when recording because people kept messaging me :p
    Possibly so, I am scared to see what you will do next with Ore Busters.. :eek:
    Thanks Zulus! :)
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  9. Nicely done. I will definitely keep my eyes out for your next episode!! ;)
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  10. Thank you Nick! Possibly a new episode tonight! :)
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  11. Your welcome!:D Great!
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  12. Bump, may be a bit late on that Episode.. anything that anybody wants to see in particular? :D
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  13. Melons.
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  14. Great idea? ;) Any further expansion on 'melons' at all? :p
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  15. Explain the concept of melons and how great they are.
  16. Sorry the new video is not out yet. Still wondering what to make it on. I see nick wants melons.. but eh! ;)
    I will try to make one as soon as possible. If you have any ideas what you want, please do reply! Consider this a bump for all the people that have not seen the video yet. :D
  17. Uh... Aside from Nick's Melons :p You got any fascinating building designs that would be interesting to share or possibly some good mob traps?
    Edit: Your text is my favorite color! ^ :D
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  18. 18200 and 18201 will be very fascinating builds, but they are only at building stage currently, not finished till later in the month/April :p Mobs are not my things, though. Which in turn, would make for some pretty funny wild videos, but I have a feeling I would not be as good at those xD Green is good :3
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  19. Alright.. so I was about to record, then my mind went blank. I am saving my 18200 & 18201 video until they are pretty much finished.
    Currently, we have the video ideas...
    • Using an Ore Buster
    • How to make a Shop
    • Melons (well then)
    It would be helpful if you guys could pick one of the above (on a serious note) or even make up another suggestion for the second video. It would be very helpful, and will hopefully get rid of my mind block! Thanks! :p
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  20. Melons.