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  1. so i was thinking justinguy can make a plugin were i can have a chest and put items in it and my friend can open it on the other side and take items or put items in this would be useful for mineing stuff for a store why do i want this idea is because i dont have the time to walk from my mineing place to the wild spawn/outpost
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  2. Ender Chests have already taken care of this.
  3. He wants to puts his items so his friends can open it in some other side. In ender chest you can only open 'your' chest.
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  4. ender chest havent i want it so i can send a item to a chest and have my friend take the item with a ender chest you can put in a item and nobody else can get it exept you but if i had my idea i can have a area in the wild for mineing and i can be at my res and hire sombody to do the mineing and i just take the blockes and items he sends me and i put it in the rite shop chest and makes it easyer from going all the way deep in the wild and all the way back to town
  5. This would make mining WAY to easy, and would take away from the vanilla experience. It'd make it so you can just keep sending items back. Doesn't sound like something for a "Hardcore Minecrafter".
    OH SNAP!
  6. No, just no.
  7. there i respect somebody like this saying it in a nice way and why no?
  8. Easy already done to a extent, follow steps: desire size of chest, 2.get a sign type [access] bobthebuilder 3. then bob will tele to your res 4. gets the goodies in the chest. Done. Of course works in town now in the wild "The way I live in the Empire" locked chest with both your names on it or be a ninja and find will hidden place :D
  9. Because
  10. @ Kevin He has a point about the "Hardcore" thing. That's cool if you think that's a good idea, but it would make MC too easy.
  11. ok
  12. its not for all of mc servers its for just emc servers because i created this thread for justinguy to add it in to emc servers
  13. I never said it was for every server, but ok.
  14. Can't we just agree to dissagree? :)
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  15. oh i thought but ok
  16. how is it not fair?
  17. Oh, I thought reasons were mentioned already :p

    It would take away the vanilla feel of this, or french vanilla as some call it. This would be because you could simply put items in a chest and immediately get them sent to town, and continue to get more stuff, send more stuff, etc. Part of getting stuff from the wild is taking it back after you can't take any more, else you'd get limitless items in one trip.
  18. It is generally against the rules to post counterproductive things in The Suggestion Box.

    "How about no" isn't okay, either.