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  1. there should be a way we can drink water so its harder to survive in the wild why is this a good idea well im doing a colony survival so that would make it harder i know theres a mod but i want it in emc like a plugin or we can get the mod in 1.4 when there is mod support for servers
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  2. I don't like it. Here's an image, instead of How About No.
  3. thats because your not a hardcore minecrafter thats why you dont want minecraft harder
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  4. There already is a way to drink water in the game, well 2 ways I can think of straight off the top of my head.
    Firstly is in all of those tasty tasty slices of melon we all feast on, and secondly by trying to hold your breath for too long while swimming, the body instinctively draws in breath and water is drank :)
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  5. Bottle of Water?
  6. Or maybe I feel that it's both convoluted, and adds to much complexity to the game? You don't have to be so rude, also, you say I'm not a "Hardcore Minecrafter"? I have posted about 10x more then you pal. I've built bigger, and done more.
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  7. There is. it's called a mod.
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  8. Or the pro's, gold supporters and the purple guys
  9. sorry, don't understand, was that a typo ;)
  10. Nope, I said:

    Or, there are the Gold Supporters, and the Purple Guys! The Real Pros
  11. i agree with purple guys
    but gold arnt really as pro as diamond :p
  12. Hmmmm....

  13. i think he mend mod , like installing a mod into minecraft so you can drink water not a moderator
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  15. Do you even live in the wild? I live in my own camp with a few others, supply my own stuff, and get back up when I lose all my stuff, and I don't complain about not having to drink water. Before you go out and call others non-hardcore for not liking others ideas, you should think about those who do go out and help supply the rest of EMC.

    When I get gold it will be more legit.
  16. only u will be legit
  17. You have a very good point, :p
  18. dude you dont make sience the point of being able to drink water and stuff is so you have a water bar and it makes it harder so ya it makes it harder if you have to drink water like the hunger bar exept there a water bar

  19. But yet your calling people basically wimps because they don't want this?
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