[SELLING] Ore Buster

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  1. The Ore Buster was the special Diamond Pick released to celebrate 60,000 members on the Site. As with all 60,000 member celebration Promotional Items, this was sold for 6,000 Rupees at the SMP1 Town spawn shop in April 2013.

    The Ore Buster has extremely high levels of Efficiency and Fortune combined with the Unbreaking III enchant, making it one of the best picks available in EMC.

  2. So... how much?
  3. Do you have any price in mind or are you just looking for offers?
  4. Sorry taking offers : )
  5. 150,000r to get you started.. Please let me know if you still have this.
  6. Samsimx is buying them for 290k per. :)
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  7. Sorry, forgot to mention this was sold pretty much immediately so thread can be closed : )