Selling of my Head

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  1. Hello Emc !

    So recently I have been getting alot of people asking if they can have my head and or a book signed by me !

    So I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. Ill be selling my head which comes with a custom book with text of your choice which well act as proof of purchase!

    Cost - 50k

    This gets you a head and a signed book by me with any text you want. you type it out or let me type something random!

    The cost is going to support all my public project like the auto farms and the ender farms so your only helping yourself in the long run enjoy!

    Start a convo on the forums with me and don't pay ahead of time please
  2. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
  3. Does it come with a poo hat?
  4. Even if i still had my poo hat it wouldnt show on the head as it was a helmet skin
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  5. After watching your antics on 1.7, I wouldn't pay 5 rupees for them :rolleyes::D
  6. Uh, I know think hope you added that zero to the five by mistake, Death. :)
  7. Please unless you have something positive to post, well you should know better. the price is set to help the public creations I make these cost alot and i ask for nothing in return. This well help them come out faster

    Each end grinder is about 150k to make, the auto farms have been well over a million and the new auto spleef arena itself was around 250k. The massive stone gen theres another 400k not to mention the countless hours i spend building and prefection these builds.

    This has all come out of my pocket and i think 50k is a very small sum for a collector to pay for my head that'll help further these builds
  8. I'm sorry, I was just joking around and am one of those people who are too lazy to set up a decent shop. If I had 50k, I would indeed buy your head, as I am a collector. Perhaps I can find some other way to help out... if there is anything I could do, please ask!
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  9. well a sizable donation of materials for the build would be a start " sticky pistions and repeaters being need the most"
  10. I donated 20 stacks of redstone enjoy death : )
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  11. How many sticky pistons would you like in trade?
    I am just beginning my head collection.
  12. Ok so here the price guide ill go by for donations towards getting a head

    Sticky Pistion 40r per (20 stacks = 50k)

    Repeater 20r per (40 stacks = 50k)

    Redstone Dust 2r per (390 stack)

    So any combo (including rupee/material) adding up to 50k well get you a head

    Start a pm with me and we can set up trade location
  13. I was just joking with you :p Staff-on-Staff jokes.

    If you need some help, let me know - I'll bring some labor and materials :D
  14. Anyone who thinks the price is too much:
    Remember that deathtomb has to stop whatever he is working on to go die multiple times in orderto get these heads. In addition, the books have to be written...

    Since death is always busy, his time is priceless. Therefore, you are getting a steal with this offer. (Same goes for RobbieJo)
  15. You can always auction your head and allocate the proceeds to your projects. You might end up getting more than the 50k you're asking for.....ya neva kno :)
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  16. Hmm, was about to make some remark about him losing his head, but meh...
    Now to see if i can ship some slimeballs to town...
  17. Knew that bonz and i may take you up on that :p
    couldnt of said it better
    if i was allowed to auction a single head at a time maybe ><
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  18. How many heads have you given out, death? I know I've only got about 12-15 of them out there. Even that may be an exaggerated number.
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  19. there are only 8 of my head out there currently that are owned by people i didnt give them to from my drop party in total 18 but i know 14 of them well never leave there current owners
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  20. When it rains, it pours. We had our 1st buyer and 2 donaters followed! So far the public building fund is off to a great start !
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