[Selling] Dirt Dirt Dirt!

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  1. Hello one and all.

    I figured I would set this up because I am still full on dirt. I am selling lots of it at my res at 1215 on smp1. You can buy it in these quantities:

    32 for 1r
    64 for 2r
    128 for 4r
    and 1728 for 54r

    Now you might be saying "why go there when people give it out for free"

    Well because im usually always stocked on dirt these days (until someone or some people buy me out really fast) and in some of those cases like the 1728 that's a whole inventory full (except for the main bar) of dirt in one click.

    And because the people that offer free dirt only have like maybe a few stacks at most or only have a few chests full then they are done for good.

    I am also offering dirt at any time pretty much and giving up space on my res to sell it for dirt cheap.

    I still have these chests up because people keep buying dirt in big quantities at times and im okay with storing some on my res temp.

    Now if im on the server and in town while your buying this I will keep restocking. Otherwise I restock at least once a day when im on. Not many people buy the dirt except for maybe a stack or two.

    So stop on by and get some dirt!

    That's all folks.
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  2. Wacko would probably like buying his dirt at my shop. Why don't you? :p

  3. Well for those of you who don't play Lee Carvello's putting challenge and just play on here if you need dirt why not stop by. :p

  4. Where did you end up? Hopefully over getting some dirt that you need.

  5. Still a great video:

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  6. Wow....that takes me back lol
  7. Instead of saving the princess why not get some dirt at 1215!

  8. Darth Vader might need dirt and if he did he might come to 1215
  9. You will need dirt in order to plant some of these...

    So why not get some at 1215 on SMP1
  10. Once your done buying your Aperture sentry turret....

    Stop on by to buy some dirt and use it to build your test chambers.

  11. Dan the Man is coming to a phone near you! Also with all the coins he gets he probably would buy dirt at 1215 if he needed dirt. :p

  12. Agent Smith might not have any need for dirt but you might. Stop on by 1215 on SMP1 to get some.

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  13. My dirt doesn't cost five hundred and ninety nine dollars its pretty cheap also you don't have to worry about real life giant enemy crabs. :O

  14. Well there are no TV's here nor Sports or any Call of Duty. There still is LOTS and LOTS of dirt cheap dirt at 1215! Come get some.

  15. You don't have to break an "unbreakable" phone in order to get great deals on dirt at 1215. Stop on by today!

  16. This dog wants a kitty. If you want some dirt you know where to go. 1215!

  17. This will be very helpful for me! Thanks!
  18. Episode 3 might of had the acting in it that seemed unnatural.. but the dirt I sell at 1215 is a 100% natural. Stop on by today!

  19. Stop on by to 1215 to get the dirt you want... because its polite. XD

  20. It wont take you more then a minute to get your dirt at 1215. Stop on by today!

    Also... RIDGE RACER!!!! XD