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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dr_Chocolate, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Well, it's time for me to disappear yet again. With the 1.9 update, I've been struggling to find something I want to do. Since last summer, all I've been doing on EMC is PvPing. 1.9 ruining that, I no longer have anything I want to do here. As for my activity, well, I'll still pop on once in a while to say hi and I'll continue to be active on here/Mumble. I still plan on showing up at UHC for the time being. Anyways, I'm out.

  2. :( Bye choco. I knew you'd be gone some day since we updated to 1.9 :S Good luck with whatever you do outside of emc!
  3. Bump for those who haven't seen this
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  4. Bye Chocolate, it has been awesome hanging round with you guys,best of luck if your future from EMC!
  5. I'll see you around from time to time - best of luck and have fun with what ever else you decide to do!
  6. I don't really know you and I don't think we actually met in game, but yeah; I'm sorry to hear you're going :(

    Guess I can see where it's coming from, I've heard plenty of players complain about the new combat system wrt. PVP. Only thing is that I can't really comment on that because I hardly play PVP.

    Still: as you said yourself: "time to disappear yet again", so I guess this isn't the first time. And who knows: maybe taking a break will fuel some interest in other parts of the game again?

    Anyway, hope you'll find something else to have fun with! Take care!
  7. Aww, Choc sad to see ya going :/

    You were great fun in PvP and I stand by you on saying 1.9 PvP is terrible xD

    Best luck in finding something else to do, and have fun wherever you go :p
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  8. A sincere goodbye :)
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  10. I'd say goodbye, but because I'm not here anymore and am at one of the places you'll probably spend more time at, my message will be:

    Welcome, Dr_Chocolate!
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  11. Love you too.

    Anyways, I'll give out my head to anyone who wants it. (Bump)
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  12. Sorry to see you go. It's sad that you're leaving. :( I'll take a head. I'll hang it above my fireplace so I will have something to remember you by.
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  13. Bye Choco :( but I'll probably be doing the same thing.....I have nothing to do as well and just PvPed on EMC. I feel ya ;)
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  14. Anyone else want a head?
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  15. goodbye other brown guy :(
  16. Sorry to hear that you are leaving. I would love a head!
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  17. Cya :( I would also like ya head so I can remember ya R.I.P
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  18. I want a head
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  19. I have been victim of Dr_Choclate's verbal attacks.

    I won't fight you, but good luck to you.
  20. Farwell thee well chocolate. I hope a break won't turn into a permanent goodbye, and a future minecraft update will bring you back soon. Hate to see players leave. And if you have any heads left I'd love to have 1 please.
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