Screenshots from the newest snapshot!

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Are you excited for when this update is officially released?

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  1. I was just diving around in the new MC snapshot and took some nice screenies that I would like to share with you all! Feel free to post your own here as well!

    *The new swimming motion feature*

    *Some coral I placed and a drowned [underwater zombie that can hold tridents]*

    *An underwater ravine*

    *The underwater world~*

    I have tons more screenshots that you can view HERE
    And as you can tell this update is mostly about the ocean and water, but they added other stuff like Phantoms, new blocks, etc~
  2. The 1.13 'will' be the best MC update ever from my opinion
    But idk who will be the frontier if they will change the oceans...
    1.13 Ocean will be generated far in Unexplored chunks.

    And a SECRET
    We will be able to make water elevator with Magma blocks - who push us Down
    And Soulsand who makes us go UP. it is something i found randomly but am sure a lot of people don't know
  3. How does it sound? :)
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  4. That will be awesome, being able to make elevators like that!
    If you mean by the literal sounds in the game then it sounds amazing lol.
    The drowned make weird gurgling sounds as if they are drinking water and then...drowning xD Also, when you go in and out of the water and the sounds underwater are cool!
  5. I guess I should try this some time. :)
  6. This Update Aquatic is huge for Minecraft. It might be the start of a new era.

    * The Bedrock Edition has caught up to the point that its developers in Washington and the Java team in Stockholm, Sweden -- are developing major updates simultaneously. Features are coming from both sides.
    Jeb announced that there's a plan to release two (2) major updates every year; we can expect 1.14 to arrive by early December (though later for EMC, of course).

    * Minecraft's newest community manager, Helen Zbihlyj (@HelenAngel), wants as many players as possible to have their words heard, at least for 2018. She has actively responded to numerous Minecraft players' comments on Twitter.
    MC Java developer Maria Lemón has also documented all Minecraft suggestions on the Subreddit "r/minecraftsuggestions" from ~June to November of 2017.

    * The MC Java team is larger than it has ever been. SciCraft is also in direct contact with Grum. Some bug fixes from them have already been implemented in 1.13 snapshots.


    Despite all the goods, it will be hard to wait for the Update Aquatic. Due to many technical changes, 1.13 will require EMC more time to update.

    [[ Pessimistic Thinking ]]
    "MC Java 1.13 is gonna lag EMC even more, and Microsoft and Mojang will have zero care about it. Was 1.8 why the server render distance had to be cut?! I expect 1.13 to do the same. One day, if the Java developers continue their practices, Minecraft will officially us shut down."
    [ End ]

    I am excited for Minecraft 1.13 - The Update Aquatic. But we have to be ready for a long wait. EMC might not get 1.13 this Summer or no-time this year.
  7. Talk about many years too late. People have been asking for changes to oceans and sea life since 2012, it's a shame that the development team has just started listening to the community...
  8. Honestly yeah, but at least we're even getting it lol!
    Now we just needs sharks and dolphins...Maybe even whales +_+
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  9. Sharks are already out of question.

    No sharks in Minecraft. Dolphins confirmed.

    Notch did not want sharks in his game.

    The Bedrock Edition Team does not want them in the game. Maria Lemón has been working on dolphins.

    Just because one thing is being added is not always why something else should be added. Sharks will not come to Minecraft, because real-life sharks are misunderstood.

    See here:

    DO NOT start a discussion here on animal cruelty. Please make a new thread instead.
  10. No one was starting a discussion about animal cruelty here but you by mentioning it xD
    I didn't even think about animal cruelty before you even said that >_<

    Anywho, if there were ever going to be sharks was thinking that they would be that they were harmless unless you attacked them~ Honestly the ocean in minecraft now with this new update coming is gonna be epic <3 I already was in there and it was beautiful, I'll definitely stock up on water breathing potions :p I'm also going to make an aquarium because I just love fishies xD
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  11. Maybe Krakens🦑 and Sea Bosses xD
    For other passive mobs it can be 🦀 or 🦐
    And 🐸 for swamps! And they add new type of trees like 🌴 Palm tree
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  12. Yeah Smileys work on forum 😄
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  13. You'd be surprised.

    When I started playing on the Empire we were still at 1.8 (obviously). And I think you can agree that the terrain around the EMC outposts is pretty much well explored. Even so I still managed to find an ocean monument somewhere burried under the ice and not much further than 2k blocks out in the Frontier.

    Sometimes structures can generate within explored terrain.

    Reminds me that I wanted to scout that area out a bit, the monument is fully burried underneath a large patch of ice, could be fun ;)
  14. I would love frogs in swamps, and I've also love cherry blossom trees and palms! They should also make blue orchids (which are already in the game) spawn in jungles too, and ferns in roofed and regular forests.

    Overall, I'm very excited for 1.13, but the new water/lava physics will ruin current water elevators and many farms, and that is a HUGE problem at the MPO because the people who built many of those farms are now inactive/gone, and I'm horrible with village mechanics and redstone.
  15. That is actually a cool idea! There should be a sea boss and it should be in like some old ruins at the bottom of the ocean! I love readings about Krackens so that would be amazing lolol :p If there were palm trees then they should put coconuts on it and you can use them as food~ Idk about crabs or shrimp/krill lul because there are already so many small things in the ocean now xD

    Frogs in the swamp would make so much sense and would be cute, you should be able to catch them buckets like the fish as well :p Sakura is my favourite type of trees so I would EXTREMELY adore Mojang if they put those in, but idk where'd they go <3
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  16. Yeah Japanese Biome, And a good suggestion about bosses... i wait EMC to add more Minibosses! They can add Miniboss in nether...there are none there but i would talk about that in other thread
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  17. First of all, the new liquid physics only apply to water, atm; Mojang has said nothing about giving them to lava too.

    The changes to water will not be exactly what Jeb showed from Minecon Earth. He was well-aware of the consequences of that prototype, and the behavior has since changed. Now it won't affect most water-based contraptions -- only item transportation systems. Items now float in water, unless they're inside a whirlpool (which is currently created by magma blocks).
  18. Did you remember this thread?
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  19. Not really, I forgot that I was subscribed to this until you bumped it.
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  20. Same here, so thanks Loic for bumping it. Now to see when they'll release 1.13 (I'm too excited for it!)...
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