School Poetry: The Communist Utopia

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  1. This is for my Russian Revolution project in Socials class in which we had to do a creative part of our project. I chose to do research on the Communist Manifesto, and in the end went with the mindfulness of a poem which describes what Communism was meant to be, and what the outcome actually was. After all, what fueled the Russian revolution was Marx himself, although I hope this thread isn't too controversial and is shot down... Enjoy anyway...

    The Communist Utopia
    Karl Marx, you had a perpetual idea, an idea which would change the world.
    An idea to eliminate the corrupted class of our globe,
    The class of the Capitalists.
    Men who sit at the top of the chain, crushing the working class, the poor people who produce goods, crushing them between cylinders of low wage and high rent.
    These crooked powers of “evil” have worked dry their capitals, draining others and the environment, not realizing they’re making a dent.

    Eradication of this population’s human rights, economic instability, and equality, all for the avidity of wealth, which in conclusion brings imperialism and colonialism, a matter of life which exterminates more than it brings.

    Aha! It was you Karl Marx, a prodigy in your own kind, who sought the redemption of the people, with an ideology which would spread a utopia as far as the north to the south, and the east to west.
    This prideful consideration is Communism at best,

    A system in which all private property is now public property, owned by the working force, the once awfully treated people under Capitalism, whom now in their own rights share economic equality, and in a system where wealth is divided amongst them equally or by their individual needs.
    No more class struggle, the Bourgeoisie nor the Proletariat shall exist.

    There shall be no more underclass, there shall be no more labour force producing labour and goods for the wealthy while gaining nothing in return for their hard-earned production.
    With an iron sickle and a hammer, the Proletariat shall rise from the chains of which they are bound by under paid labour and strike the Bourgeoisie down with a violent revolution.
    Hence, a classless society will immerge from the ashes of capitalism, from each according to his abilities and each according to his needs.

    In the Communist Utopia, land, industry, labour and wealth shall be shared with the people whom shall graze upon the rights of an education and healthcare, watching as class structures fade away into the depths of an eternally forgotten void.
    Now close your eyes, imagine our world under Communism.
    Parks flourish, trees rustle in the fresh air, bearing savory fruits.
    High-rises, Skyscrapers, complex roads leading to the Elysian fields, and the innovation of travel would fill the cities of our world, no longer shall the world be pulled back, it shall leap even farther.
    Can you see it? The grass is green, everyone is happy, you just got off of work and you’re now spending time in true nirvana, all with the outcomes of your hard-earned labour, sitting right beside the accommodations of your fellow workers, whom you have created this utopian society with.

    Now open your eyes, where are you now?

    That horrible stench? It’s just the rotting corpse piles beside you.
    Your farm and house? Hah! What shall that inessential load of a garbage heap do for your own personal good? Don’t you know WE all own it now?
    Yes, while you were lionizing the possible outcomes of Communism, you failed to see the reality.
    Among you over 100 million will die to Communist states, land will be stripped away from the poor who own their own farms, mass famines will be enacted by ones who you believed to be the creators of a new utopia, and you and your family will be sent to the work camps made for your by Stalin.
    You said you wanted Communism though, didn’t you?
    Now all you have is oppressed rights, little to no food, a tyrannical leader of abomination above you, while you suffer from poverty.

    First, let’s take a step back, you thought capitalism was the deadline of our world?
    How come THEY are functioning more than us? How come their society written to go up in smoke by OUR philosophers has risen above our opulent Utopia? For Marx sakes, they were supposed to be pulverized in heathenry sin already!

    …Relax, now breathe…
    Figure out why it has become this way
    Why, oh God why has our form of Arcadia failed?
    Why must millions die to the ones who promised a rise in Socialism and Communism?
    They were to help us… We thought Marx was right…
    …Yes, Marx was right. His outcome for Communism was extraordinary,
    A classless world, dependent on each other, no longer controlled by the wealthy pigs who sit upon our necks.

    He was right about how bad the class struggle was, his view on the corruption of Capitalism and the benefits it has over the working and the poor were nothing short of a glass clear observation.
    Then how come it turned out like this?

    Was it the leaders? Yes! It must have been! Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pot, all of those wicked men on their last ticket to hell must have caused this!
    But then again, their guidelines all link back to Marxism.
    Was there a massive error in Marx’s writing?
    No!... Well… that’s what you want to blare out… But how come the ideology of Communism led to hundreds of millions of people dead?

    I guess we have to stop looking at the general cause and look at the evident root.
    What we may conclude is mind changing, this whole time we could be wrong, or we could have been right.

    So, keep the ecstasy of your dreams enact,
    Let your mind canter through the flowing fields of a Communist Utopia.
    Let your mind believe that Marx was right this whole time and that his solution was the one to bring our world one step towards heaven.
    So, let it grow with excitement, your vision of a Communist Utopia runs through your head, and you think,

    Would it have ever worked?
  2. I will not read this
    It hurts my 13 year old brain ;-;
  3. thanks for the feedback
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  4. I almost heard these exacts words out of some edgy kid who joined smp2 the other week. :D Not long after he started entering houses and saying "KGB Open up!"
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  5. Even as a socialist (and not as a supporter of it as a precursor to the evolution of full-blown communism), I like this.
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  6. My loathing of Socialism is vast, but this ain't controversial forums.
    nice poem!
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  7. I like it!

    I love writing poems :D

    Keep up the good work!
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  8. Thanks. I don't know where I stand when it comes down to it, I like Communism in theory, but this poem explains the unfortunate struggle of what actually happened