Scheduled Downtime For August 7th 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. EMC game servers will have downtime 6:45AM Eastern on Tuesday August 7th 2012. This will be in part to perpare us for the 1.3 update and to have the team that hosts our servers do some very deep testing on the crashes and errors that have been happening to our database. The downtime SHOULDN'T be more than 2 hours.
  2. Perfect I wil be asleep.
  3. WARNING: Posting on this WILL spam you with Alerts. ;)
  4. You joking me, midday! STFU UK!!
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  5. Well it will be 6:45 in the morning for me.
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  6. Thanks for the heads up :D
  7. stop.gif


    I beg you!!

  8. Thanks,I've been waiting for this update :)

    I wonder what I'll be doing those 2 hours without EMC...
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  9. I guess I'll keep working on my 1.3 Lan world then :/
  10. Well i should still be sleeping when that happens :p

    Hope it is productive
  11. Paulsoaresjr vidoes
    CaptainSparkles videos
    Antvenom videos
    Happy Wheels
    Starfall (Just kidding)
    2 hour video
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  12. I'll play ArcherGames for 2 hours...
  13. I just remembered I haven't finished the captainsparkles vids.
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  14. I can wait 2hours, I'm probly at bed anyways haha. 1.3.1 HERE WE COME!
  15. good to know! thx :)
  16. wait so the server is updating to 1.3.1 tuesday?
  17. What about yogcast videos?
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  18. We don't want to give a FOR SURE on 1.3 Tuesday, but it's POSSIBLE. The bukkit code was just working out some minor bugs and Justin is going to be working on it all night as he can. I can say it's CLOSE. :)
  19. I hope not. I need my slimeball auction!! :p
  20. Nice, I'll be at work while that all happens :)
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