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  1. As some may know i did some posts in the Good Samaritan Award contest, while my intention was good i probably came off a little pushy, which i do apologize for, i was not in the best place at the time.
    I am a bit better now and wanted to do something i was talking about in the Good Samaritan thread.
    This thread is to say thank you to everyone, not just from me to you all. I want everyone to post in here to say thank you to others, simply post saying thank you to someone who has helped you before or is currently, you can include what they helped you with if you want as well.


    If you do not want to say their name that is fine, you could just say thank you to a certain someone from smp4 for example. I am sure they will know you mean them. I wanted to do something to praise everyone, the Good Samaritan contest is a nice thing to do and the people nominated deserve it but i felt that it was not totally fair to everyone, since not everyone was involved. So i am doing this and also some other things. Please look at the second post for other information for games and contests, that will include prizes such as promos and special items. I am leaving so i wanted to give away my things, but i wanted to give them away doing something fun for everyone.

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  2. Ok so i have decided on the games or contests in which i will be giving the promos and special items away.

    Firstly i have made a contest for funniest MC Screenshot, Funniest Gif and funniest non minecraft picture or meme. 3 categories each with a cupids bow prize. The thread title is just funniest screenshot but i changed it into 3 different categories so more people would get involved, as i know a lot of people love gifs and memes.

    Secondly i will be donating 3 cupids bow for next weeks firefloor, one each for each round winner. I like firefloor and so do a lot of other people, this is one i can join in on too. So yeah make sure you come play next week for some fun and a chance to win. Can someone tell me if its tuesday or thursday as i thought it was tuesday.

    Thirdly the last game will be with this thread, i'd like you all to post a number along with your post. Try not to go overboard, pick a number no one else has and make it not too big of a number.
    I will be resetting one of my residences and i will fill it with chests, each chest will have a book and quill or a named item in it. The item will have a number on it, and i will pick a random person each time to pick a chest. Whoever has that number will win a prize. 1st prize will be a set of voters armor, second a cupids bow and pot of gold, and then the other 3 winners will get a cupids bow. This will end next friday where i will choose people at random to pick a chest at my res.
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  3. Thank you, EMC <3
  4. I think i'll start it off, someone may beat me to it but here goes.
    I want to say thank you to everyone on EMC, for making it what it is, for making me feel welcome when i started.
    I want to say thank you to all those that go out of their way to help others, i have seen many people do that and it shows how much of a good community EMC is.
    I want to thank the staff for keeping things good for all of us, oh and their clones, you know who you are >.<
    I want to thank smp2 for being such a great home server and for being so great in my time i've been here.
    I would like to specially thank anyone who has ever helped me or was just super friendly with me, my time on here i have met a lot of great people, AussieZaid was super friendly, as were others such as ShelLuser and Kimajime. I could name more easily.
    A great big thanks to Shelly, ShelLuser or Mario, either one >.< He helped me a lot, and i don't just mean in game. I was down and he talked to me, and kept talking to me regardless of my negativity.
    I would say thank you to my mom but she knows i love her and am thankful for everything she does, i doubt she'd come on the forums to see this anyway.

    And lastly i would like to thank this pug below, its cute attack makes me smile. Also reminds me of myself when i try to nibble people's noses. Minecraft idea - include pugs, a giant one like this one roaming the wilderness would make the world never sad again!
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  5. Thank you SMP4 for being the BEST server on EMC.
  6. Updated first and second post, please read if you want to be included in the games and contests i am doing.
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  7. Okay, well um, let's do number 15, then.
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  8. I'm surprised 607 was not your choice >.<
  9. I thought that would be too large of a number :rolleyes:
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  10. Yasssss
  11. Thank you staff members for being awesome and keeping EMC under control ;)
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  12. Ah but what is a large number?
    Everyone thinks differently. Am i being Awkward? Why yes i am :p
    I could of meant this, this is a very large number 1.
  13. ;-;
  14. I suppose i will have to bump this often, so people will take notice. Who knows 607 you may just be the only one with a number, and you would get lots of goodies
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  15. Thank you eviltoade for being the best toad on Empire Minecraft.

  16. Hm, could I please have 189, or if that's too large, 27? :)
  17. How about good old number 7 :) thanks for thanking for thanking, thanks! I still can't get enough of that pug
  18. I would like to say Thank You to samsimx and JcPlugs.

    Sam has been a good fried for a long time, and we have worked on many projects together.

    Jc has been a good friend since as long as I can remember. She used to always talk about butts for some reason :rolleyes:. She is also one of the reasons I played for such a long time before finally taking a break from MC.

    There are many others I would say a thank you to such as cadgamer101, Bro_im_infinite, ninjaboy5656, Qwerty189, Todd_Vinton, bitemenow15, dirkjan23, colesta1200, and many many more.

    I do not want a number, but I felt like this was the place to say thank you to many people.
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  19. Ill take number 55.
  20. My number will be 1 googol
    Thanks to Bro_im_infinite for the brain storming ideas we have and then implement, taking farming to a whole new level.
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