Savanna Valley [Established]

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    Today I am making my SMP1 outpost open to the public!
    I am doing so in correlation with the forum I created about the current state of the wild
    So what's special about this outpost?
    Nothing, well at least it shouldn't be special.
    This camp is just a place for anyone on EMC to come and have fun in the wild!
    Right now the camp isn't much as I originally just made it for me, so it only has my house, a guardtower, and some farms, but anyone can come out and contribute to the outpost!

    It's current state

    It isn't much right now, but I can assure you that it can be a lot but only if the community wants it to be.
    So how do you get to the outpost?
    The cords for this outpost are:

    -5166 -6875

    Or follow the route on this map

    From the North outpost

    Detailed, I know. :p

    Here is the netherrail info

    To access the nether rail from the overworld, go to x: -494 z: -1011 or follow this map from the central outpost.

    From there, look for that mound of dirt that looks like this, and dig into it. That is where the portal is. Please cover it back up once you're inside.

    Oh, and the other forum I mentioned.
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  2. Bump of new stuff. I will ask the mods to change the title once we have a real name. :)
  3. I could help probably make a nether rail. I'd love to join the camp :)
  4. Thanks, and feel free to head out at any time. Oh, and if you happen to find some stuff laying on the ground on your way to the camp, that would be Pat2011's stuff. He had a lethal encounter with a witch, so it would be nice if you could just throw them in a chest for him to get later. :)
  5. Okay, I'm just wondering, how far is it from the spawn? About 7,000 blocks?
  6. I would say so.
  7. Woooooow.. I'll try to get there today.
  8. Yeah, it's a long walk, but hey, at least it will be shorter one day! :p Whenever you want to start work on the rail, just ask me for some materials. I have a stack and a quarter of Iron blocks, 28 Gold blocks, and 46 Redstone blocks. You can use as much as you need. :)
  9. I have attempted to get to the camp twice and have died both times. Rage Quitting Minecraft now.
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  10. Pat, want to travel with me?
  11. D: Is that a savannah biome! I'll be there ASAP! :D
  12. Nah I'll just go the whole way on a boat next time.

  13. Pat and Jake have arrived at the outpost!

    Also, I ask that you post here on this forum if you intend to come out to the camp. :)
  14. Pat and Jake have now started on their houses! :)

    I have created a larger wheat farm for anyone to use, and I will expand it as needed.

    To do list:

    - Larger farms of the other crops
    - A mob grinder (I know the location of a spider spawner if anyone knows how to set a spider grinder up.)
    - A meeting hall for votes
    - A public enchanting room (For now, anyone can use the enchantment table under my house)
    - A nether fort
    - Nether rail
  15. I would like to come out. I can make probably this weekend!
  16. Welcome to the outpost! Hope you have fun once you get here! :)

    Also we need a name, so if you have any suggestions, please post them and we will vote on them later. :)
  17. Ok, now working on the community hall. The community hall will have a meeting hall for voting, a workshop with crafting benches, furnaces, a brewing stand, and a enderchest. It will also have an enchanting room and the nether portal will be relocated to it.
  18. Some pictures of the community hall.
    2014-07-11_15.48.33.png 2014-07-11_15.48.51.png
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  19. Also could the next person to come out bring some netherwart?

    Nevermind, Pat has some.
  20. Is there anything you want me to bring out? I'll be coming out in a few minutes.