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Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Hurk3920, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. Frontier establish request
    I would like to claim this parcel of land and name it Ron's Roost on smp6 in the wilderness Frontier.
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  2. I don't know I you can do that?
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  4. Sorry but I did read this post so could you just tell me what I have done wrong,.
  5. If you have followed the instructions in the thread, your outpost will be established soon :)
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  6. I think what he wants is to buy a protected chunk.
  7. how is it protected there is no other locked chests in within 3000 blocks of this area lots of gates a ways away but no locked chests or claims stated or apply-ed as per the rules.
  8. And no comments still waiting did I do something wrong.
  9. Is it by (within 3000 blocks of) any visually clear bases? They don't have to be claimed areas, there just has to be a base there.

    Report your main post with the reasoning "Frontier establish request", and it should make it onto someone's list.
  10. This may help you lock a chest if you haven't already:

    Just basically make sure you're 5,000 blocks away from one of the frontier outposts (meaning spawn points)

    And if you can see someone else's base, you need to be at least 3,000 blocks away from it (unless if you have their permission to be that close to theirs)

    Locking a chest costs 1,000 rupees ...

    You also need to say what server it's on... but the reasoning for the locked chest is so you don't have to give out your coordinates, and to help say that 'Hey, I own something here....'

    If you have all of those above things completed in your 'checklist' ... you should be fine. :)

    (just need to wait on a reply from a staff)
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  11. They have a gate in the ocean but there is no base it is in the nether so if I go to the nether and set up a base I can have fifty gates to fifty out posts right.There seems to be a problem with every place I go on this server and I'm about done .Microsoft bought Minecraft two days ago anyway.Notch sold it.
  12. sorry look at my place and look at whats there I have a base there I did not see the two gate's in the ocean or the one in the woods so how do you no if it's owned or not.does a bed ,chest and furnace make a base guide lines please I don't want to have to build five more time's to get it right.
  13. The definition of a base is (roughly) a place that someone else has significantly altered, and is still active or was recently active. I would say that a dirt hut with a bed, chest, and furnace is not a base, and neither is a nether portal.
    Look at the smp6 livemap, and look at everything within 3000 blocks of your base. If there is significant building, then you may (not for sure) be out of luck. If there is nothing, then you are in the clear. Also, make sure your base is 5000 blocks away from the nearest portal.

    Also you shouldn't consider being done with Minecraft because Notch officially abandoned it. If anything, you should be excited for new possibilities due to the Minecraft devs having to follow real business rules now, not some "add 1 thing in one day, kick paper around for 29 more" habits they had before.
    • A locked chest with the owner’s name must be placed near the center/start of the base. It can be placed underground or above ground, as long as it's there. It does not need to be visible.
  14. I changed it to
    • A locked chest with the owner’s name must be placed near the center/start of the base. It can be placed anywhere as long as it's there. It does not need to be visible.
  15. I'm looking into this now - I messaged you in-game about an issue I'm trying to clear up before I can make any decisions :)
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  16. Unfortunately I have to deny this claim as your base is approximately 4000 blocks away from the nearest Frontier outpost, not 5000+
  17. This is so wrong first I go to the northern wastelands and buil d alot of stuff ask for help greifers and stealing noththing happens so I come here and look in an unexplored area all blacked out on the map . And stiill after paying for the service there is no protected area I can (Mine) and build a protected home.
  18. If everyone could get a protected area so easily though, it would be even harder for you to find a place to go...
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