Returning player, got some questions

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm an EMC player of nearly 7 years now, and I've been on and off several times. Some of you may know me as crazyminerpete, my controversial alt BanHawaiianPizza, or simply as Pete. I left in late 2020 because most of my friends no longer play MC, but I'm thinking about potentially getting back into minecraft, at least a little bit. With that said, I have a few questions:

    What are some of the big events that have taken place on EMC since mid 2020? I don't just mean updates, I mean big players leaving, community events happening, memes, whatever you think is relevant.

    What's the state of the economy? What is still worth selling, and what has become essentially valueless?

    How active is EMC these days? Are there a decent number of players online, especially in the EU during the evening?

    I'm trying to get a feel for the place again, and I don't have as much time as I used to to figure everything out on my own, so your answers are very much appreciated. I look forward to playing with you all again!

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  2. Big Events:
    --2021 10th PPP to celebrate 10 years of EMC. Chickeneer was made admin, so new Kryssy, Aikar, and Chickeneer heads were released
    --Small parties, giveaways, events, drama stories and such. Nothing very major as far as your question was asking that I can remember

    --Beacons have crashed due to excessive farming, only worth about 750r each now
    --Quartz has crashed due to excess trading, now sitting at 20k/DC max
    --Netherite is declining, now only 2800-3k an ingot
    --Diamonds fluctuate but usually are around 50r apiece
    --Shulker shells can now be farmed, and thus the price went from 1k/ea to 2r/ea

    --TNT has increased in value recently, currently anywhere from 40-80k per DC
    --Commodities like wood, glass, sand, terra etc. are the same

    Auctions are still the most reliable way to make money (usually)

    Promos are of course alive and well


    --1.17 brought a surge of people online, usually 60 in the evenings. Now there consistently seems to be 40 on every day around that time

    With 1.17's new blocks and 1.18's new mountains/caves there are lots of things to do in the waste! And if you choose to stay in town (like me) there are a decent number of active shops and reses to play around with. Great time to come back :)
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  3. Welcome back Pete hope you stick around... several older players have returned just this year

    "Miner's Wanted"
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  4. Heya, Pete! Welcome back. :)

    I think Dras did a good job covering the main points. It should also be noted that chickeneer has been helping out with supporter voucher activations since his promotion to Lead Developer. The activation times have been much quicker lately. :D

    I am still hosting FireFloor on Saturdays at 10:30 PM and Day of Chance on Sundays at 4:00 PM if you are interested in joining some events. See you around! :)
  5. I don't really have that much to add, as I'm not really all that active myself either, but, welcome back Pete. It's great to see you again. :)
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  6. Wow. :D Unsurprising to be honest, considering that they aren't used up, and have been out for many, many years at this point.

    This seems more surprising! Considering inflation, I was not expecting diamonds to drop under 100r again, let alone half of it. However, since diamonds were added as a voting reward, they've seemed useless to purchase to me, and maybe others agree...
  7. thanks everyone for your responses, it's been great to talk to everyone again! hope to see you in game :)
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