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  1. Can I take a moment to mention some old school game theories (do not bring up the YT channel) I just want to talk about Final Fantasy 8. The Squall is dead theory.
  2. Well, I don't recall having researched it before. Perhaps I once saw it, but when I saw your post I didn't know what you were talking about.

    That's great! I was just playing the game with them (pun not intended) and haven't actually played this game, let alone own it, so I won't judge it.
  3. Edit: This review is somewhat outdated, but if I'd completely rewrite it I'd do it elsewhere, as this thread isn't active anymore. I do however link to this post from my personal website, so I'm trying to keep it relevant.

    Okay, so I promised to review a retro game, after the example of the great ShelLuser ;)
    So today I'll review Re-Volt, because I've been recording YouTube videos of it lately.
    Re-Volt is a remote control car racing game, published in 1999 by Acclaim Entertainment. Later, things happened, and a patch has since been released. I don't know who made it, everything is kind of complicated to me, but I use that latest patch, be it fan-made, be it official.

    The main menu, with lots of options available right away
    The game has a diverse variety of cars and tracks.
    Some of the cars you get with the game
    There are also many different game modes, like Time Trial, Single Race, Championship... et cetera.
    Toys in the Hood 2, one of the more difficult to race tracks (but still 100% fair)
    With the multiplayer mode you can play via Internet, LAN or split-screen, and you can choose between Single Race and Battle Tag, a game mode where you have to first get the star, and then run away from the other players. If another player comes near you, that other player get the star, and you have to chase him. The player whose counter gets to zero first, wins the game.

    Me trying to imitate two players (nfell sadly didn't actually play this with me) playing Battle Tag, me playing with my recently downloaded custom Lightning McQueen car
    The game has beautiful graphics, and the physics work wonderfully well. The sound effects are absolutely amazing, too. Every track has a great atmosphere.

    Museum 1, the track that I could never win as a kid
    There are lots of customisation options available too. One of the things that set this game apart from most other racing games is its pick-up system, comparable to Mario Kart's items. There are pick-ups on the ground that you can pick up to get a random item. Items include things like batteries to go super fast, water balloons, fireworks, oil, giant balls... et cetera. It's quite diverse, but also very well balanced. Unlike Mario Kart, even though pick-ups add a lot to the intensity of the game, someone bad at driving won't win because of lucky pick-ups, and someone good at driving won't lose because of bad luck. Skill is involved at any time.

    Fireworks, one of the most popular pick-ups. Someone can shoot me too, as you can see. Ahead of me an explosion is happening, caused by yet another pick-up item.
    A simple track editor is also included with the game. You can make pretty interesting tracks with this, but nothing that comes near the actual tracks. In the newest versions of the game this track editor needs to be downloaded separately, but it is still available.

    Part of a track my younger brother made.
    But there's more. There's actually a full, in-game editor available, by inserting a cheat code.

    After doing URDLULDR with the arrow keys, you'll unlock dev mode, with lots of options available by choosing Edit Mode.
    It's very easy to get inside the files of the game, too. So because of that there has been a massive custom car and track community, and at the site you'll find hundreds if not thousands of custom cars and tracks.

    My favourite custom track, made by the great Skitch2. I'm driving Dolphin here, a car I repainted and reparametered myself.
    In fact, new cars and tracks are still being made today, after 16 years since the initial release of the game.

    Me working on the AI in my WIP custom track.
    And that possibility for fan-made content is what makes this game alive to date. I mean, there's already quite a lot of content in the game itself. But when you start downloading work of other people... it's near infinite.

    One of the most popular and most difficult custom tracks: Venice.
    This game is probably the best racing game I've ever played. A download guide will be included at the end of the post, because I really recommend this to anyone who likes gaming, even if you're not into most racing games.
    If you want to see a bit more of the game before downloading it, you could look up videos online. I myself have a YouTube series where I review custom tracks and sometimes cars made for the game.
    Oh, and lastly, I just realised something after reading an article about this game: you can set the resolution to be higher. I've never realised that, and always played this game at the lowest resolution. So if these screenshots don't look all too promising to you, you'll be pleasantly surprised after going into your settings and cracking up the resolution. This game is even more beautiful than I thought. ;)
    If you want to download this amazing game, which I highly encourage you to, go to
    After playing it for a bit, custom tracks and cars will increase your enjoyment of this game by at least 9001%. So you should go over to and start downloading away!

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    The Mines of Alderon
    Rooftops 2
    Misty Valley
    Jailhouse Rock
    The Keep
    The Catacombs
    Holiday Camp
    Fiddlers on the Roof

    If you have any questions, ask me or join the Discord, I'll gladly help you enjoy this great game! :D
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