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  1. New games nowadays are cool, but I know some of you guys out there are retro gamers. In this thread you can talk about games that are for 6th ge n consoles and older, let me give you a few ideas
    • Sonic the hedgehog sega genesis
    • Final fantasy 1-10 Snes, ps1, ps2
    • Guitar hero ps2
    • Jak and faster 1-3
    • Jak X combat racing
    • Etc.
    I'll talk about any of these, well, have fun talking!
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  2. Also more typos
  3. I remember when I got this game, I completely forgot about every other game I was playing at the time for like a two month period. By far the most in-depth and fun Intellivision game out there.

    There are too many classics that I enjoy for me to name, really. I don't typically play newer games, save a few.

    I'd also like to add whenever that someone calls the PS2 or any sixth generation console "retro" it sends shivers down my spine.
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  4. I'll try not to focus on 6th too much, I'm more looking for fans of FF1-9, Spyro, Legend of Zelda, Mario, etc. Pkmn. before black and white will also count for what I'm looking for
  5. Wait, PS2 is retro? I now feel really old..
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  6. I don't know about 7-9, but I like 1-6. Zelda 3 will always be the best. Old consoles = best consoles.
  7. I don't think PS2 is 'retro'. It only ceased production 2 years ago, and games are still being released for it (the last AAA title was FIFA 14, but I'd imagine indie developers are still releasing games for it, as they are with things like the Atari Lynx).
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  8. TIL Sega Genesis = Retro. I died a little.
    (Genesis Sonic is best Sonic)
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  9. Did someone say Pikmin?! Loved that game. Ohhh or did you mean Pokemon?

    But honestly, I have to give credit to Super pitfall for my interest in playing minecraft for the first time!
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  10. I used to really like the Goldeneye game for the Nintendo 64.
  11. No one can forget this amazing classic :D

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  12. Link to the past ftw
  13. oh gawd... I thought I threw my copy away in a landfill
  14. wakka wakka

    this got popular quickly
  15. :) this is what I'd imagine an HD pac-man to look like after he ate all the dots

  16. When I see E.T. the video game ^
  17. I remember when "retro gaming" ...was just called "gaming." :p

    I started out with an Atari, Commodore 64 and also an Apple (whose sole purpose was to play Karateka) as a kid.

    I still play a lot of Commodore 64, NES/SNES/SEGA, classic pinball and original arcade classics. I've got a MAME cabinet and my kids love to play Pong, Warlords and Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition.
  18. so... who's broken an old game before? I crashed my game and corrupted my save file on pkmn (pokemon) red so many times.

    I'm on SMP7

    just throwing that out there
  19. ck
    this scene in the movie, lol? does anyone remember the movie. back on track to retro games
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