Restrict sign instead of access sign

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  1. I have the use flag true for my residence, but there's one lever I don't want to be public. Is there a way to override the public flag for a single item like an [access] sign gives but in reverse?
  2. At the moment, you'd need to:

    Turn use flag to false | add access everyone on all the one's you want usable


    You could also add a /res loc ... and set namedtp flag to false ...and have a location set to trigger the redstone... but that's a more complex setup.
  3. I figured a way to run it with a trapped chest - no one else can open it, so it's close enough and works fine, though a little hokey-looking.
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  4. Would be a pretty cool idea actually! +100
  5. I support this motion, this would greatly benefit my Museum at 18200. I find that I can't place other doors and buttons around without other players not having access to them because use is on. It needs to be on so that they can press the buttons in my Museum to see the items. This kind of sign would be very useful! :)
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  6. I think this would be awesome! +1
  7. This was one of the first features I went looking for, when I started on EMC (a couple months ago) and was disappointed that it wasn't available. It's great that we have the option to allow certain doors, switches, chest, etc. to be opened, but when we have more doors, switches and chests that should be allowed access, then we do not allowed, it really would be nice to be able to set the reverse.
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  8. Hey guys. Do you think putting stuff on other lines should do anything? or just [ RESTRICT ], should just be on the first line with blocking for everyone that is not the Residence owner/admin flag.
  9. Maybe make it function like a locked chest, allowing up to 3 players who don't have those rights to open?
  10. Wait, is this going to be added fo' Rizzle'? :DDD ?
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  11. I think chicken is looking at what would be involved. Sometimes something that seems like it should be easy isn't simple once you look at the code. This is one of those ones that almost sound too good to be true.

    What? you think we don't pay any attention to player requests? Why you no trust us Bro?
  12. I suggest it stays with the [locked] syntax if possible. Just apply it in town, without cost and override res permissions. And a partridge in a pear tree...:p
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  13. I may have the code finished for this (pending a quick test in a few minutes).
  14. Is there something you could do to allow me to restrict certain villagers? So I could allow use of paper villager, but restrict my more valuable enchanted book villagers? That would be a huge asset to me:)
  15. I misinterpreted this idea, I was thinking more about having the ability to place allow/restrict signs on everything that has a flag. So I could allow chickeneer to use a specific villager or button, but restrict the rest, even with use flags set to default on the res
  16. I maybe late to this but alas...

    I think the best approach would be to simply use "[restrict]" and nothing else.

    For two reasons: First this allows us, players, to also add a small description as to why this chest is locked. That and the fact that I think the only reason you'd use this is to keep something private to yourself anyway.

    If more tuning is preferred then perhaps you could allow people with the admin flag to bypass this as well whereas everyone else is locked out (so even people with the container flag).

    Second reason: I got a hunch that this could be a tricky piece of code, so if not adding features can help the process then that would be my pick too :) Especially because I can't help wonder how many people would use this override feature. After all; the original plan was to override allow permissions anyway. So overriding that with another override...

    I'm getting a headache ;)

    And good luck you guys, this would really be a very interesting and welcome option!
  17. Congrats EliShiffrin! You're idea got in EMC, so restrict signs are in EMC. :)