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  1. We have a lock sign, an access sign, but not a peek sign which would be a cross between the two. The peek sign would allow you to view the contents of a chest but not take, move, or affect the contents of the chest in any way. This can be used to show off your items without use of item frames or fear of people taking the items from an access chest. Tell me what ya think below.
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  2. perfect for rich people to show off their things
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  3. Me: "Check out this chest guys! The result of several hours of mining!"
    *looks in chest*
    Dirt Dirt Dirt...
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  4. -a-boo.
    In other news, I like.
  5. oooh that would be handy in like mini games for memory :)
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  6. Not a bad idea, I just can't see myself using this much, also would it cost the same as a lock or would it be half or nothing? :)
  7. Nothing, town availability only.
  8. always wanted this :D
  9. Yes! +1 Support