[Resolved] Banned for username

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Delvian1991, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Hello, I was currently banned for inappropriate username. I currently found out that I was able to change my username finally to something that is not inappropriate and was wondering how I can change that on this account as well as get access back into the server.
  2. If you take the time to read the banner at the top of this page you will see that EMC does not currently support name changes. EMC should be fully 1.8 in a few weeks time though so I would suggest you check back then.

    "EMC does not currently support name changing. It should be safe to change your name if you wish, but it will not take effect on EMC until we have time to update our code. If you change your name, please vote with your OLD name."
  3. How can I get unbanned from the server? My name in game is changed and no longer inappropriate.
  4. Well written silk.
  5. Please follow the appeal process. You can read that info at appeal.emc.gs
  6. Thank you Silken_thread I did not see that message at the top originally, I do apologize for that. And thank you EffinBatman for directing me to where I can go to appeal the ban.
  7. Since your new and no worries of "losing" stuff, I went ahead and reset your state to your new name and unbanned you.
  8. Thank you so much for responding! I do once again apologize for the inappropriate name (drinking sometimes doesn't mix when playing games.) I will make sure to keep forum posts to a bare minimum until EMC is able to update their code. Thank you once again!
  9. No need to do that since it appears your name has been changed on the forum as well.
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