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  1. Ok so if you used a supporter voucher and claimed x amount of res'... after your rank has expired do you keep them? I've always thought you had but I have had recent doubts to wether I should just buy a max res voucher.
  2. Say you buy diamond supporter you then have 4/4 reses, if your supportership runs out, then you keep those reses but your official res number become 1/4, that way if you unclaim a res you cannot claim another until you buy supportership again. However if you use a max res voucher while being a supporter your official res number becomes 5/5 and if your supportership runs out you'll have 2/5. This might not make sense cause it's 2 AM for me... but I tried...
  3. You keep your all of your reses.
    Basically, as a regular player, your res count it 1/1. The top number (if it were a fraction) is the number of reses you currently own, the bottom number is the max amount you can own. When you become an active diamond supporter, and claim 4 reses your count goes up to 4/4. When it expires, your count will go 4/1, which means you own 4 reses, but the "max" is 1. This means that if you unclaim a res, your count is 3/1 and another res cannot be reclaimed. As long as you don't unclaim any of your reses after your supporter subscription expires you will be fine, and keep all 4. ;)

    EDIT: Thats a bit redundant, (Its time for me to go to bed :p)but I hope I got my point across. As NetherSpecter said, a max res increase voucher will increase your permanent res max, and you can get it as high as 6/6
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  4. sweet that helps a lot guys :D
  5. You get to keep them.

    Here is a guide I wrote which describes exactly what you keep and what you need to keep in mind after your voucher ran out. And if you want something more official: Here is the official wiki page on this subject made by ItsMeMatheus.
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  10. Had to edit your post - that free max res increase was only temporary and no longer applies for new supporters (those who got it in past still have it)
  11. Ah! Got me confused now. My understanding is that you keep the reses when your supporter runs out, but If you unclaim a res you cannot reclaim it. Tech also said you can increase your total (while a supporter) to 6/6 if you use max res vouchers. Is this correct?