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  1. I have only been offline 17 days, and my residence was reset. I am a little confused why it was, because I thought I'd have to be offline 30+ days.... Can any mod explain this to me? :)
    (My residence was in SMP5.)
  2. If you are relavilty new, your residence will derelict sooner.
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  3. Unfortunately, no. However, you can always vote at to reset the derelict timer.
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  4. Well thats great. I lost all my stuff. Yay.
  5. It's very sad, of course, I understand that. But I hope you'll start over and stay on the empire, because I'm sure you can have a great time again :)
    Also, a tip, put your most important items in your vault. That way you won't ever lose them.
  6. I know how harsh it is loosing all your stuff, I lost all of my stuff when I first joined EMC. It wasn't valuable in market value at all, but to me it was very valuable. With the limited funds I had that was a lot. I was out in the wild one day, stupidly with all my stuff and I lost it all. I had about 2 months off EMC when I "rage quit", but then I returned and started over again. I think for the better as I made much better decisions. Never be afraid to start over again, repair the things that you did wrong. Use this opportunity as it's best. Just some advice :)
  7. lol, then one day, Aikar accidentally resets everyone's vaults
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  8. That'd be the end of EMC for people then xD
  9. ;-; your skin is so adorable
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  10. Thanks :)
  11. Sorry for your loss.
    I paid you 5000 r to help you restart :).