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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I loved the idea of flags available on all EMC servers through maps, and I bought a few when they were added to represent languages I am interested in.

    The Italian flag is mostly intended to represent Latin
    I like the formation they're in, but one flag is missing, I've always felt like. :p
    I don't really know what goes into making maps manually, but I would like someone to make the Frisian flag into two maps. :)

    Is this doable, is anyone up for doing this, and how much money do you want for it? :p
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  2. After almost 2 hours of tinkering with WorldEdit, various web applications, and a few game crashes (/kill @e[type=falling_block] I love you) I bring to you, this:

    I don't want to go through a ton of work to explain what I did so I won't. :p
    This took me way longer to convert to MC and a map than I thought it would, in short.
    I ended up making 2 versions: one that was expensive to make (concrete) and one that was cheap to make (wool). There's no difference on the map, so the cheap version is what I went with (mostly wool with a minimal bit of concrete and glazed terracotta for smoothing).
    The flag itself also had to be converted to a 2:1 ratio from its normal 9:13 ratio, which is why it's quite a bit distorted.

    You can download the Litematica file here:

    Now, in terms of building the actual thing; what server (maps can't be transferred cross-server), and how much do you have to offer? :p
  3. how much do i pay you waffle for a ton of wool
    only 32768 blocks of wool in total
  4. That looks amazing. :D
    Thanks for the effort!
    I don't mind the distortion at all, I knew it would happen but it actually looks a bit better than I was anticipating. :)
    Well, these maps are on OrangeDuck607's residence, so smp8. How much do I have to offer? I don't know, a million rupees? I don't recall the last time I saw someone build art for another, so I frankly don't know how much it would cost. You'd probably have to make it far out in the wild too, right, so people don't just build over it? Or will the maps stay intact as long as it is not taken near the chunks the blocks are in?
    This is cool. :D
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  5. it's ain't gonna cost 1mill proberly around 400k. There really isn't any worry of players building over it because I think as long as the og one isent taken off its display the other ones will not update also with a few people and a ton of waffle wool it could be done in say 6 hours of work by 5 players
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  6. That's definitely less than 400k to make. :p
    Also I don't have sheep farms anymore lol
  7. wafflecoffee :
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  8. Okay, that actually got a good laugh out of me :rofl: :lmao:
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  9. Actually, why is the red so dark? Looking at the OP, it seems like a brighter red is available too, as it was used in the Danish and Japanese flags. :) Edit: And English and Italian too, I just noticed. :p Only the Dutch flag uses this darker red, which it should, as the colours in the Dutch flag are pretty dark.
  10. Take off! You give'r on those tongues man! Cool fer sure, boot why you are noot interested in the language of us Canucks, eh?
  11. This uses red wool-- let me experiment a bit and I'll get back to you :)
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  12. Bright red is Redstone blocks / TNT.
    I use to see my map arts.
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  13. Ouch, that does sound expensive. :$ It's not like the Danish flag though, where almost all of it has that colour... so maybe it's doable? :p
  14. It's not that bad, the red area is at most 128x64, which (rounded) is 2.5 DCs of redstone blocks. :)

    It didn't matter for the Danish flag because I believe that it was done via magical staff powers. :p
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  15. With being able to lock maps now you could recover all the resources after your done. As long as you had them to begin with.;)
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  16. Huh, are redstone blocks cheaper than tnt? That surprises me. :p
    Indeed on the official map remark.
  17. I'm not sure, but I have loads of redstone blocks but don't have loads of TNT, so saying refstone blocks went automatically for me. :p Also, I don't understand how TNT is red from the top, so redstone blocks made more sense to me. :p
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  18. ^This also prevents the worries about griefing. :)
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  19. Well, someone still has to build it. ;)
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  20. Doesn't anyone want to earn a million? ;)