Reminder about In-Game Auctions

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  1. Dear Community,

    We have seen more and more issues with players trying to run 'Storage Wars' type auctions. This is when the items up for auction are unknown to the bidders. They are also referred to as blind auctions or mystery auctions and have been disallowed on the Empire for quite some time.

    Therefore, we wanted to remind players about what is and isn't allowed during in-game auctions.
    (This does not include forum auctions!)

    During in-game auctions, you are allowed to auction any item in any quantity. However, the bidders must know EXACTLY what they are bidding for. If you are auctioning an enchanted item, you must list out all enchantments and must disclose if it is used or not. If it is used, you must tell the bidders how much durability it has, etc.

    It is NOT allowed to hide details about the items. Nor is it allowed to convince people that your normal renamed item is an official EMC promotional item. Doing so is misrepresentation of the item and will get you in trouble with the staff.

    If you have any other questions about these rules, please contact a staff member.
  2. Eh. TV shows should probably stay on TV.
  3. hmm seems reasonable :p:rolleyes:
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  4. I think 'Storage Wars' auctions should be allowed in-game, but a player must state, particularly when promoting their auction, whether their auction is a regular auction or a secret auction. Auctions declared as 'regular' would require the player to state all required info and not to misrepresent the item, while auctions declared as 'secret' would require the player to only give information not exceeding a simple hint which does not indicate anything specific about what is being auctioned.
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  5. The problem is that in storage wars auctions there is the problem of players removing items from the chest if it doesn't go for as much as they want.
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  6. She's got a point, you can't really prove you've been scammed with situations like those.
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  7. It could be required to have the chests on display so the bidders are able to see at all times that the chests are not being opened.
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  8. In that case, why not have these events monitored by senior staff, to ensure there is no such abuse? Of course, players would need to pay a substantial fee, as it would be a senior staff service akin to moving a residence or removing dirt.

    - It would make such events more prestigious
    - It would ensure more participation and hype

    - It would happen rarely due to costs
    - It might not be an effective use of Senior Staff time

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  9. A tech solution would be a "content hash" sign. Put this on the chest and it shows a unique number representing the contents. Then bidders would know something changed by looking at the number, and the contents would remain secret.

    A non tech solution would be to involve an escrow. Have a moderator put the chest onto their own res and lock it. The moderator could also recommend a starting price to set expectation.

    Anyhow, just options.
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  10. Senior staff definitely don't have ample time for it, but the idea is solid. Most players that hold these are doing them on a whim and would be unlikely to pay to hold one. IF we ever re-allow mystery auctions, we could organize some mystery auction event like this, but for the immediate future, they won't be allowed.
  11. We really should do more events. What about Firefloor? That still going on?
  12. every thursday
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  14. Dat gif is from 'In bruges', one of my fav films ever <3.
    Anyway i agree with there having to be a reminder, i have noticed they are getting more frequent nowadays
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  15. Ok, thanks.
  16. Sr Staff and moderators have plenty to do already, this would only serve as a distraction from more important things and add to their work load.
    I think you sort of answered this your self.

    Many young players get scammed by older ones who do this with an intent to scam, although they would say it was not a scam as it was goods exchanged for a price, only the good where faulty and there is no refund hence its a scam.

    Storage wars on TV is fixed, items are planted to make it look exciting, so in a way this is a scam also as it is scamming the audience into believing it is all real.
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  17. Well-said, krysyy. While I personally have not been aware of this going on, I hope that this reminder halts any further blind auctions on the Empire.
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  18. Means are profit are shrinking to actual doing work, it's slowly becoming more capitalistic, get off your butts scammers and work...
  19. The first idea is amazing. That could work great... An MD5 for Chests!
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  20. Glad to see an official statement for this. Thanks! :)
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