Remember That Time when... Dragon Stone Fragments

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  1. The "stones" (Just Renamed Coal with fancy letters and lure that do nothing) honestly hasn't appealed to me at all. I give mine away like I give saplings away and that is saying something from a retired woodchopper. Now don't get me wrong, some of the promos are like that as well. Those are different from being regular mob drops.
    Has it been any faster with Breezyman as Dev? I honestly couldn't tell from being back a year.
    Couldn't put words on how much I despise this update. That is a topic (If you allow me to continue) that will derail this thread.
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  2. I mean if you want you could PM me your issues I'd like to have a conversation (leash-less) about this.
  3. That was in May. I guess it depends on what your definition of "soon" is.

    I'd scrap DT - when it was conceived nobody imagined you'd be able to respawn the end dragon one day.

    Just expand on the dragon egg available through the token system idea.

    Dragon egg obtainable through:
    1. token purchase (already promised)
    2. craftable with dragon stones (solves the issue of and reason for having them)
    3. beating end dragon on diff8 or above in place of head (or 9+, whatever)

    I voted on "Empires" before DT because I think it will help open up the community by allowing individuals to visit the wild and see some of the creations people have built over the years outside of sterile town. I want to invite players out to explore Mineville, a wild base that is currently shared with only a few others, and be free from the concern of griefing. Empires is an idea that expands the community, DT was a culmination battle and egg getter (okay, originally the egg was needed to do Empires (claim land), but that changed).

    EMC is about the community - Aikar should be focused on updates that enhances that.

    But dragon eggs are fit those in somewhere too, with some simple ideas that don't take away from the big picture.
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  4. And tokens, and groups.
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  5. Never said its faster its most likely just alot harder when there are less...
  6. Well EMC and others let you voice your opinion as long as it doesn't derail things or start to turn violent. Some people are going to hate it, some will love it. We'll just have to respectfully disagree with each other.Life is too short. It's up to Aikar anyway whether changes are made to it.
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  7. HEY what did i say No rant Festing or i QUIT REMEMBER!
  8. You never know when "soon" is in aikar time.
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  9. Both of which don't directly tie into dragon tombs, as proven by groups letting people choose who to build in their outpost, mining parties, and boss slaying parties, and tokens only use it do change a biome in town. So if these are the 3 main additions to DT in 4 years just give up on working on it...

    Turn Dragon Fragments into Dragon Stones and have Dragon stones help do things otherwise. It would take a week to do something with these items and tokens. Just my opinion of course, but these (unlike Dragon Fragments and Dragon Stones) aren't mutually exclusive to being part of Dragon Tombs.
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  10. [About Tokens & Groups]

    Fair point, however I think there are some details to consider as well... Don't forget about the Friends system!

    When I started playing (uh, oh, grandpa Shell talking :D) groups were basically only useful for chatting amongst yourself and a friends system? We didn't even have that! So although what you're saying is true, you also need to keep the time in mind which it took for the developers to actually develop the whole infrastructure around Dragon Tombs.

    I'm obviously not Aikar and my guess is as good as anyones but I get the strong impression that the friends system lies at the very heart of the intended EMC gameplay, and that what we've seen so far is only a tip of the iceberg. At first adding a friend would only give you a notification, then all of a sudden your death drops were protected for 8 minutes from picking up by everyone except your friends (who could help you to retrieve them). And now it even ties into anti-griefing.

    Just because we don't have a certain feature now doesn't mean it can never happen.

    Another important thing: we also do not know how interwoven all these systems are intended to be. Aikar has said it multiple times himself that everything is linked to each other and that you cannot pick out a specific feature (Empires, Land claiming and Dragon Tombs) and treat it individually. And I think he has proven as much with block protection. It hooks directly into the Friends system as well as the player settings system (/ps).

    And speaking of those Player settings: they're only 2 years old (introduction was 1st of March 2014, see link). And surely you can agree with me that this /ps system is a very important factor for anti-griefing (control who can access your protected blocks or not) but also EMC gameplay as a whole?

    So I don't think it's fair to claim that Dragon Tombs took 4 years and nothing happened. A lot has happened but the problem is that some of those things are only small pieces which, once combined, will make up for the bigger design. I can definitely understand the eagerness and how it might look like a never ending story but I honestly think that there's too much going on behind the scenes which we simply don't see and are not aware off.

    "Rome wasn't build in a day" ;)
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