Remember That Time when... Dragon Stone Fragments

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  2. Heh, remember when stones were being sold for like 50-100k?
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  3. Remember when... actually not many people are still around to remember the Dragon Tombs announcement.

    On a more serious note, I see these threads/mentions at least once a month, I've personally accepted I'll never see Dragon Tombs in my lifetime and I wish it well on the generation after the one after ours. By then everyone will have forgotten about it and it'll be alright. I wouldn't worry about these things being used for much, Vanilla Minecraft has changed so much since DT's announcement that I'd be surprised if it wasn't put 100% on the backburner. The community has also voted to see Empires before much of anything else., and with Mojang updating the game every other month I'd be happy just keeping the server up to date along with the game.
  4. As great as things like llamas in 1.11 are, i really want to see dragon tombs, like, who else has a stack of dragon stones just lyin around?
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  5. Yeeeeaaahhhh...

    Gave up on ever seeing Dragon Tombs around 2014-ish. Like, two years after it was announced. It has now been four years - I've forgotten about it at this point to be honest.
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  6. I feel like aikar gave up on it...
  7. I've never waited for it, but at this point I don't tell other people to be patient either.
    We might once get another part of the update, we might not. Only time will tell, I suppose.
  8. Woah Really.. That Rare huh?
  9. When they were first released sure, kind of like how Elytras were 200k when they first came out.
  10. I love the discussion so far :D
  11. Some players make fair points, but...

    Have we already forgotten about this poll last year (it even happened in October too)? Aikar clearly asked us to make a choice regarding development priorities. For those who don't want to check that link here were our choices and the votes each got:
    • Dragon Tombs, Empires, Land claiming (194 votes / 33.2%)
    • Empires, Dragon Tombs, Land claiming (41 votes / 7%)
    • Empires, Land claiming, Dragon Tombs (350 votes / 59.8%)
    So yeah, no offense intended but I don't think those comments about "Aikar totally forgetting about it" or "Aikar giving up on it" are fair, the developers deserve better than that in my opinion!

    We, the community, made a choice last year and we placed Dragon Tombs at end of the priority list. Instead we wanted Empires and Land claiming because it would give us land protection. We were desperate for (extra) protection because we've all (?) been victim of griefing once. So here we are, one year later, and Aikar and the developers have given us the Anti-griefing update and much more in between. So what is this nonsense about Aikar giving up or forgetting about it?

    The way I see it Aikar made a promise last year, and when looking at the anti-griefing update I'd say he and the devs. fulfilled that promise easily. Not just that: they did so in a true "EMC fashion" (EMC block protection is completely different from what other servers (*cough*, WorldGuard mod, *cough*) usually offer).

    Oh, and I'm not just saying: I think everyone can see that there's more activity going around in the Frontier these days. And why shouldn't there be? Heck... You could even argue that the developers gave us a true and honest way to build something so that we can never go derelict ever. Sure, your town residence might go poof. But what about your cool (and fully protected) Frontier building? Food for thought?

    I can understand the eagerness for Dragon tombs, but don't blame the developers for a choice which we, the community, made. The devs. did exactly what we asked, and much more.

    As always, just my 2 cents :)
  12. Agreed, theres only like 2 devs since breezy quit :/
  13. I voted....Who else voted or did you all just think meh it's only a poll. Only 485 players voted.
  14. And now we know who to blame :D

    No, no, no... that was a (rather lame, sorry Breezy!) joke.

    But more seriously: technically there are 3 developers. Aikar (obviously), Chickeneer and Mr. Socks. Although I understand that Socks has been a bit less active lately (I honestly don't know).

    Anyway, obviously I can't be sure of anything but something tells me that we might still get a few cool surprises this year with regards to updates and new features. A wild guess (obviously) but surely we remember the comment about the new outposts?

    But as always... Sure we all want new things, it's only natural, but I think we should also look at all the cool things we already got this year. It's not as if Aikar is simply leaning backwards and doing nothing at all.

    Correction: 585 players voted. Which I think is still a very decent amount.
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  15. Yeh i said 2 cuz i pretty much never seen socks in game or on the forums.
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  16. Socks is currently travelling overseas in an adventure of his own. However, he does still code when he has internet, so some of our recent additions have had his hand in their creation. As we've said before, if you think you have legitimate background in development and can help out, then message Aikar and he will review your application. Devs require a lot more initial knowledge than other staff so not that many people have applied.
  17. There is one more important detail here: you need to be a US citizen (I don't think this changed, has it?) because Aikar requests that you'll sign some (I assume): non-disclosure agreements and other legal documents which are mainly directed towards the US.

    If that has actually changed then you can obviously disregard this message.
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  18. Last time I heard about the Dragon Tombs, IcecreamCow was still an admin.
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    I didn't forget, in fact I mentioned it in my post, I actually voted on that because I have higher hopes on Empire getting done BEFORE Dragon Tombs ever could. At least we have seen progress on Empires in the years since that announcement, in the 4 years since DT's we've seen Dragon Frags and Stones...

    I've never said Aikar's forgotten about it, I've simply said that before all's said and done there probably won't be anyone on EMC to remember it since it'll be so long and that the player base will have dropped by then.[/quote]

    I'll only say this on this subject since it's a touchy subject for me: I would rather have something new, than wait another 4 years for something promised 4 years ago. I've lost all excitement for DT and got the hype back for Empires, which in turn made me want that more.

    I mean... to be fair he also made a promise 4 years ago...

    I agree 100% on this and it's an amazing addition to EMC; buildmode. I love every frickin aspect about it and it's certainly gotten me to work in the wild 10% in addition to the 70% that I spend out there already.

    I'm not blaming Aikar for the choice we made, I'm not blaming him for ANYTHING actually, I'm in fact just expressing that I think Dragon Tombs should be set WAAAAY aside for bigger and more modern updates as most players nowadays would have to search into the past of EMC for most information about Dragon Tombs.
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  19. I forget what I voted. I think it was one of the choices with Empires first. Plus anti-grief has been a life saver. It almost kind of creates unofficial land claims or empires. Anyone up for like a minigame smp? Anyway keep up the good work staff! You all are doing great!
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