Referral Contest Winners for April 2014 and a Referral Guide

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  1. Thank you to everyone that participated in the Referral Contest for the month of April 2014.
    We have tallied the numbers and can now announce the winners!

    Most Referrals: (winners will receive supporter vouchers)
    1st Place: FDNY21
    2nd Place (tie): KnightZer0ne and Jewey98

    Most Clicks: (winners will receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness)
    1st Place: FDNY21
    2nd Place: Faithcaster
    3rd Place: Chizmaro

    **Winners check your vaults for your prizes.**

    As with every month, the numbers have been reset and the contest for May 2014 is already underway. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about: keep reading =)


    How do I get my own Referral Banner/Link?

    Go to the Rupees tab and click it. Then scroll down and find your referral banner link.
    It’s that simple. (pic below for reference)

    Screenshot at 17-34-24.png

    So how do I get my referral banners noticed?

    Places like the minecraft forum are amazing places to start. Every day, there are minecraft players that are looking for a new server to call home. By telling them about Empire Minecraft, you not only help grow the Empire, but you are also helping to shape our community and the players that make it amazing.

    looking for server pic.png

    The ‘looking for’ section is not the only place to be seen. Be active! Post on threads about funny things as you would on our forums or awesome features, videos, etc that you find. A single post with the referral banner in your signature is seen by everyone who views that thread. Imagine the influence that a larger amount of posts could make.

    But it doesn’t stop there! Use the referral banner as your signature on any forums that you frequent, minecraft related or not. The best way for the Empire to be amazing is for us to be a community, both on and off the Empire.

    Of course with this campaign, there are Prizes.

    Screenshot at 17-27-27.png

    As you have already noticed, there are Referral Blocks of Clickyness up for grabs each month as a thank you to those that bring the most players to the Empire site through their Referral Banner/Link. In addition, Supporter Vouchers are given to the players with the highest referral total. These amazing players are posting on forums, telling their friends, and helping to grow the Empire, one player at a time.

    In addition, as of today we are adding a bonus of 20,000 rupees for every 5 players that join the Empire as a result of your referral banner/link.
    **Note: Only accounts from different IP's than your own will count towards this total goal. This is to limit people that try to cheat the system.

    Let’s grow the Empire together!
  2. Yay! Gratz Chiz!
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  3. Second! And congrats fd!
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  4. Congrats to everyone who won and participated =)
    I also think we should have a referral banner clicks leaderboard
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  5. You have 7 rupees 0_o
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  6. It is clearly 007 rupees.
  7. Nick?!?!? How did you find that picture of me :confused: :p
  8. That's not possible, as that data is not stored on our servers, but only on Googles.
  9. Congrats everyone!
  10. Why is your blue???
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  13. I like Green better because it's better for my eyes when I sleep. #LOGIC
  14. But....I use purple D:
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  15. Gj to all you that have one the month of Aprils referral contest hope to see more people join EMC
  16. Congrats, everyone! I'm so happy for you all! :)
  17. Just noticed this, I tried my best to help new players to EMC and although not expecting it, I actually did really well in this contest! Thanks for the congratulations :)
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  18. Thats the glory of this. Doing something many of us are accustomed to doing - posting on forums - can then reap rewards after the fact!

    I noticed from your posting activity that it wasnt 'super active', so for you to get as much as you did for that amount of work...

    If everyone was to make 3-5 posts each day on MCF or planet minecraft, the signatures would be everywhere and tons of players would find EMC :)
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  19. I am actually glad so many people joined because of my messages, I feel like I have helped EMC get more members and a stronger community, helped the person find a server, and help myself to become more confident with helping new members!
    I had it in my signature so perhaps many people clicked that - but it is more about where you place the messages than how many. I posted in the places precisely where new players were looking for servers, and gave them direct reasons why EMC was a great place to be, so perhaps even other posters were attracted to take a look!

    I have no idea on my number though, so that would be just as much of a surprise as this was. I really was not expecting this, and I will continue to post and help new members join EMC regardless of the reward :)
  20. and youtube... i.e me... and anyone else the loves emc :p
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