Redstone "Pay to Pulse" sign

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  1. A while back I saw on the issue tracker a feature in consideration, the Pay to Pulse sign and the idea intrigued me. I couldn't think of a LOT of uses for one, save for an auto-harvest cane farm or access to hidden areas. With a hopper and a comparator it is pretty easy to build something that would serve the purpose of a "pay to pulse" sign. So anyways, I put together a quick prototype to just demo the idea and wanted to get some input from the community.

    What uses could you find for such a thing? Bonus points for prototypes/working contraptions (but you'll have to give me res #'s so I can play with them)

    Front view:

    Back view:
  2. A pay to pulse sign can also be used for a shop, using dispensers.
  3. awesome, thanks for the links. I know I'm not the first to think of such a thing, just curious what has been done and what can be done :)
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  4. 90% of my casino is planned to use a system similar to this. You buy dirt and the game plays, if you win it spits out your prize :)
  5. If you dig around there were some threads back before Comarators were available. You may find some interesting ideas in those also.