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  1. I'm sure some of you have seen this thread: Basically, it suggests that we should be able to "buy" the ability to teleport to somewhere in a res buy clicking on a sign. The purpose of THIS thread is to show that this, among other things, will be possible in 1.5 (unless our EMC coders deliberately make it impossible), without adding in any special plugins. This right! As of 1.5, you will be able to charge people to activate a redstone current, which can be used to open trapdoors/piston doors/fence gates, which will allow the player to fall onto a telepad, thereby teleporting him/her to the desired area. Obviously, this can be used for other things (i.e. games, dispensers, noteblock songs - anything that can be activated with a redstone current). However, I think teleporting would be one of the main uses.

    Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a system that teleports the player when they click the sign. The redstone is pretty simple, but you don't have to understand how it works to understand the consequences.
    Now let me explain how it would work. Here is a double chest with a buy sign:

    It doesn't have to be dirt, but it does have to be only one item (more than one would ruin the comparator effect). You just need to keep EXACTLY one dirt block in the chest at all times. Now here's how you hook up the redstone behind the chest:

    As you can see, you need 1 comparator pointing OUT of the chest, 1 repeater, 3 redstone dust, and 1 hopper pointing INTO the chest. Since the chest always has 1 dirt in it, the comparator will always be turned on. This will keep the hopper powered, which prevents it from adding more items to the chest. Whenever someone clicks the buy sign, the dirt block will be removed from the chest, thus turning the comparator off, giving the hopper exactly enough time to put another dirt block into the chest. If you wire the signal somewhere else and invert it, you will get a pulse (not one-tick, but still short) every time someone uses the sign. Here is an example of how you could use this to teleport a player:

    When the player clicks the sign, the comparator will briefly turn off, which will turn the torches on. This sends a current to the repeaters on the bottom picture, which momentarily opens the trapdoors (note: you'll want the signal to be a few ticks long so the trapdoors don't close before the player falls through). When the trapdoors open, the player falls down and lands on telepads, which teleports them somewhere else on the res:

    Note that the pads should be at least 2 blocks down, so that their redstone signal won't power the trapdoors above. I would also recommend using 4 trapdoors rather than 1, so that players won't get caught on the ledge and not fall onto the telepad. You should also note that players would have to be standing close to the center of the four trapdoors before pressing the button - otherwise, the trapdoors would still open, but the player wouldn't get teleported. Clearly, this design could be improved, but it should still work just fine.
    Click Here to download the map save. On the download page, click this button: to download the file.
    Click Here to see how to download the new snapshot. (the map save is 13w04a)

    This feature can obviously be exploited. For example, the shop owner could very easily lie about where the telepad goes to, the telepad could lead nowhere, the wiring could be wrong, etc. Despite that, I think this feature should be kept. As stated in the suggestion thread, it could be used for casinos, mazes, theme parks, and much much more. I think it would be a great boost to player creativity and to the economy.
    Some ideas of what this could be used for (Note that you would have to modify my design for some of these):
    *entrance to a restricted area
    *to receive xp - the current could be connected to a dispenser with bottles o' enchanting
    *roller coaster admission - teleport to an area where players can place their minecart (you'd want to time it somehow so you don't have multiple riders at once)
    *casino games - for exapmle one click of the sign equals one spin of the slot machine
    *Instant Survival Buffs - since dispensers can now place armor on players, you could have the player stand in the center of several inward-facing dispensers, click the shop sign, and then receive armor, potion buffs, food, etc.
    *Out-of-stock lights - once all the items are gone from both the chests and the hoppers, the comparator will no longer send a current. This could be wired to redstone lamps showing whether or not any stock is left

    Some potential problems with this system:
    *Multiple players could try to use the effect at once - for example, two players stand in one spot and only one clicks the shop sign
    *Players have to take the dirt block, whether they want it or not. This wouldn't be a big problem, but would force players to clear their inventory before using the sign.
    *Bad redstone wiring - the sign might not work properly because the creator made it wrong
    *Flat out lying - especially with telepads, it would be easy to lie about what the shop sign does when clicked
    *buyer dissatisfaction - the person buying might not be standing in the right place when they click the sign, or might click it without understanding what it does
    *Unforseen bugs - there could be bugs in 1.5 that create redstone signals too frequently or not at all. Hoppers might not work properly, or the shop system might prevent the chest from being re-loaded correctly.

    Again, let me repeat. This is not a suggestion, it is simply something that will be made possible in 1.5. The EMC admins might decide to stop this from working, or a bug might prevent it from working, but other than that it should work. If you have any input on what this could be used for, whether it should be kept, or anything I forgot to consider, please comment below! Any mod/admin input would be greatly appreciated here! Personally, I look forward to being able to use this, but it's not really up to me. So mods, get commenting :)
  2. cant wait!

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  3. I think the benefits outweigh the possible downfalls.
  4. I have to agree with Toaster here.
  5. I always wanted this! Now i can easily charge people for my arena when events are on! (i am not doing this just because i want money, its to help pay for all the stuff i bought!)
  6. Aikar: sorry we're going to disable this because blah blah blah

    Watch it happen... (although I hope it wont)
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  7. He's not going to punish you if you disagree with him :rolleyes:
    I think...:oops:
  8. I only greytexted it for effect. :p
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  9. But that's...brilliant!
    I never would of thought of that lol.
  10. Bump. On a related note, hoppers can also be used to keep rare items (EMC fireworks, written books, and named items) in stock - just fill all but the first slot of your shop chest with dirt. Place the item to be sold in the first slot, and place a hopper above the shop chest. Place a double chest filled with the item to be sold above the hopper. When someone buys your item, the shop chest will automatically refill, which means you don't have to restock every time someone makes a purchase.
    Edit: you can do this without hoppers. If you use [slot x] on your shop sign, it will automatically search for items of the same type.
  11. Sigh, More redstone.
    I haven't even figured out how to use current redstone.
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  12. Bump. I'd really like to get some moderator input on this - I'd hate for someone to base a large project on this, only to have it not work for some reason. I guess a note to all reading this is to have a backup plan.
  13. Already started setting up my shop to allow this :)
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  14. I'd much rather we just formed an angry mob until they added this option to the RTS system anyway, rather than phaffing around with redstone.
  15. You can already do this, Place one of the item you wish to sell in the last slot in the chest (either 27 or 54)

    Then on the shop sign
    [slot 27]

    The shop sign will look at the last slot in the chest and sell any other items in the chest that are the same :D
  16. But that's the thing with communities like ours.
    If there isn't a feature, and we want it, we find a way to do it another way.
    I think it's great. :)
  17. Am I missing a trick? Why not just have a double chest full of the item you want to sell in the first place?
  18. named items, enchanted books, fireworks, and written books don't have a specific item # you can label the shop sign with.
  19. That is a very nice idea! Now we can have automated payed entry to theme parks instead of waiting for the owner to get online...
  20. Oh. Well, you just saved me and possibly others a lot of iron (to make hoppers) :D